Forza Horizon Demo – Night Racing First Look – HD Gameplay
Forza Horizon Demo – Night Racing First Look – HD Gameplay

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  1. Dont forget some members from Criterion Games joined Playground Games.

  2. I was kinda sad once i finished the demo, such a small area to drive around, i drove on every road in 15 minutes.

  3. megaspankthemonkey you can find it in new releases

  4. Oh, okay. I get it. No problem bro 😉

  5. is there any auction stuffs?????anybody got the answer??????

  6. how do you download the demo i carnt find it ?? let me no

  7. I meant for the videos when Nick gets the full game will the series be continued from the demo or another series. Thanks anyway for the reply

  8. Started, but you’ll get a free car if you did play the demo. And more free cars if you’ve played fm4 and/or 3

  9. Will the full game be continued from this or be started fresh with episode 1?

  10. how long is the part?

  11. i cant seem to download the demo

  12. Man I can’t wait till this game games out

  13. This is how Tdu2.SHOULD have been made…

  14. its not that hard because they show up on the map 😛 but other are hidden outside the road, like small fields or gaps

  15. Not sure, on Forza 4 you had to go to single player to do it… oh no wait actually, if you look on the map the Horizon Festival is where you get to manage all of the games modes, single player, multiplayer, storefront, you cars, and shops… i saw a video of that once, so there are no menus for that, its like shops…

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