Dance Central 3 „Hello“ (Hard) 100% Gold Gameplay
Dance Central 3 „Hello“ (Hard) 100% Gold Gameplay

Choreography by Marcos Aguirre! (Twitter: @mea5678) This is totally an Aubrey routine! No doubt about it. Marcos Aguirre keeps the difficulty somewhat low for most of the routine, then throws in moves like Movie Poster and the bridge sequence to completely upend your comfortable little motions! Again, another awesome DC3 routine. Who cares that it’s girly, it’s for Aubrey! Say what you will, but I plan on owning this routine every time I come back to it. Follow me on Twitter for updates! (@RiffraffDC) I have a Facebook page! Thank you so much for all the compliments and support! While honesty is appreciated, please note that hateful and malicious comments are never tolerated and will get your comment deleted and your account blocked. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH NOR REPRESENT HARMONIX MUSIC SYSTEMS, MICROSOFT, THE DANCE CENTRAL FRANCHISE, OR THE RECORD COMPANIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSIC USED IN THE GAME, NOR AM I PAID TO SPEAK OR PROMOTE ON THEIR BEHALF. I do not own any of the Dance Central video game visual content, character imagery, music, or any related assets used in this video. All other assets, which includes the opening animation and accompanying music, are original content created by me. I don’t get paid for any of this stuff; I’m just a fan of Dance Central and Harmonix! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for „fair use“ for purposes such as criticism, comment

  1. вы отличный танцор ^^

  2. i want to do this next, love this so much = )

  3. I love doing this dance as Glitch xD Oh the torture x)

  4. I want you as my dancing buddy 🙁

  5. great job! I really love ur vids!

  6. Goddamn, you’re good.

  7. Move that body 😛

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  9. So so sexy when you do these routines

  10. Omg that was off tha hook….duyuuuuum

  11. daaang you hit the moves so good

  12. At the beginning… „Kinda girly, haha, who cares?“ Love tht part

  13. Omg, found a new song to work on. And you’re right, it’s totally an Aubrey routine. I love my Lush crew chick! Thanks for the video!

  14. LVL 20 i already have too, he have now more than 20!

  15. lvl 20… O.o

  16. You look so cute when you dancing this song

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