Dance Central 2 – YEAH – Hard Gameplay 100% with MMC
Dance Central 2 – YEAH – Hard Gameplay 100% with MMC THUMBS-UP if you LIKE! Dance Central 2 for Kinect Xbox 360. Music „Yeah“ by Usher ft. Lil‘ Jon & Ludacris. No copyright infringement intended. Audio is altered in order for this video to play on your mobile device; sorry for the poor quality sound! Hard level, 100% gold stars. Choreography by Ricardo Foster Jr. FAQ: How did I get my HI-DEF shirt? I made it & this Glitch cosplayer taught me how in this interview: BLOG POST for this video: QUESTIONS? All your answers are on TALK TO ME Thanks for your support & for subscribing to the MightyMeCreative & MMCvlog channels! VLOG: GAMEPLAY: Dance Central 2 cinematic, gameplay, & theme music are all owned by Harmonix Music; no copyright infringement intended. MMC Chooses Her Crew „ MMC DC2 Crew BLOOPERS: More „Behind the Green“ BLOOPERS:

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  1. I’m thinking of buying DC. Do u ever get bored of it??

  2. I love the starting XD so creative!

  3. Thx so muchs luvs u 😉

  4. there should be a code in the dc one box that says „hold on to this and keep on dancing“
    go to your dc2 options, then go to redeem code. enter that code but without the dashes, and you should be good to go.

  5. uhmmm why are your dogs just lying there they need to be dancing 😀 lol

  6. i lmfao in the beginning! 

  7. Glitch is so charming

  8. Ur awesome dancer but can u tell me how I can pass my dance central 1 songs 2 dance central 2 plz

  9. Its hard watching you dance while your dogs are there. But anyways you’re a good dancer

  10. Is it just me or is Glitch sexy ? ._.

  11. How can Glitch dance with a backpack on?

  12. Sorry I meant the dancer that your using is dressed different

  13. My dancer that your using

  14. Faltou você aqui com o dance central 2 @_ingridluna

  15. You have zero percent spelling and you must be having a lot of „ceazurs“

  16. i like it how did u get that background:D btw your dogs are adorable!

  17. Requesting for this song in break it down mode pleaaaaaase :)<

  18. it looks like Glitch is gonna hit the dogs at 0:59 D:

  19. if you’re gonna hate, at least spell seizure right

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