XCOM Enemy Unknown 2012 Classic Ironman Let’s Play – Part 5
XCOM Enemy Unknown 2012 Classic Ironman Let’s Play – Part 5

Join the Forums at marbozir.com ! Welcome to XCOM Enemy Unknown 2012 Classic Ironman Let’s Play – Part 5. This is a Let’s Play playthrough of XCOM Remake on Classic Ironman difficulty, with live commentary. In part 5 video I continue the game, take care of some base management and research, as well as new equipment, and do two missions – abduction mission and UFO landing site one. This Let’s Play is on Ironman, so quite obviously, any fail or mistake I might make during it is final and cannot be reversed. The gameplay on Classic Ironman is quite different, and requires different strategy and tactics than easier settings. If you have problems with Classic Ironman and need a guide how to play it better, I hope this walkthrough series will prove helpful – I will be discussing various strategies, tips and tricks as I play. Lots of combat and aliens included! As always in my videos, all gameplay is in Full HD 1080p. XCOM Classic Ironman Playlist: www.youtube.com For more videos, ranging from Let’s Play / walkthrough / playthrough to tips / tricks / gameplay / guide / how to videos, subscribe! www.youtube.com YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

  1. Assault, like any other class needs to be used differently from other classes.
    Using a sniper as a support wouldn’t get you anywhere would it? Just like the assault rifle and the shotgun.

  2. is it possible to do well with assault even with shotgun I’ve tried, lost 3 from fog of war enemy patrols, so I my exp is negative
    assault are good if you get into a messy situation, like if say, a chrisallid that won’t friggin die and your better soldiers have missed/failed to eliminate it, he can run from pretty far away and do a double shot at 45%-85% with rifle, or 0%-100% with shotgun
    However, I run with scopes on my heavies, and they own overwatch kills – 63 and 71 – i gen dont req one

  3. okay you’re goofy
    I play classic ironman, and I want colonels, I’m greedy that way
    I’m not objective, I’m biased, obviously
    I suppress and smoke grenade to cap live aliens and I like my assault to be useful all the time, not just when I feel like wasting the soldier in a kamikaze run – you want to call it gunshy i could care less – point is I’m successful, I run 2heavy 2sniper(snap shot) 1support and 1assault or 2 support if I feel like it
    assault is a weak class imo an not worth the slot

  4. If I’m pulling in close with a shotgun assault, I can count on that rapid fire shot being a kill, even on classic. Don’t speak like what you’re saying is objective when you only have your own experience to go on and it’s peppered with being gunshy about getting too close. I can only imagine that’s the case if you believe that it doesn’t work on classic.

  5. Well I play on the higher difficulties, classic or impossible if I’m feeling masochistic, and you want things dead, before they get close
    damg buff, health buff, armor buff, ai buff, aim buff, ect are not jokes

    and enemies the shotgun would be preferred for, chrysallid, berserker, melee happy etherials, get move buffs
    so your 10m shot (rapid shot w/e) better be a kill
    not to mention the berserker gets a chance to move everytime he’s hit
    might be fun to rambo with on norm/easy though
    your call

  6. Unless I’m mistaken the shotgun has a higher accuracy when you’re within like 10 meters than the assault rifle. So if you’re going to get close it’s going to outperform the assault rifle in every way. The reason the shotgun is called bad is because everybody is too afraid to get that close.

  7. rang 15 m assault rifle % – 65-85
    rang 15 m shotgun % – 8-22%
    the accuracy fall off range for a shotgun is excessively short

    and it’s damg buff over an assault rifle is not good enough to choose the decrease in range

    assault is better with assault rifle

  8. you forgot to give the sniper the laser pistol that u just made btw

  9. Why is the shotgun bad?

  10. you’ve probably figured this out by now, but the shotgun is god awful, useless, ect
    give your assault rifles, and they’ll be way more usefull

  11. Marbozir could you name one of your squad members Ty „Action“ Jackson? Either way, great series keep it going!

  12. Please put one of your soldiers name preferably a Sniper, as Paul Sak.
    This is my nickname due to my English name and Korean name mixed together (Paul Lee+Hyun Sak Lee)

  13. anders from sweden hmmm sound like anderZ is joining the Xcom 😛

  14. Hmm i see u have a tendency to allways waste ur snipers once u see a ship or building.Its good to leave them bhind, but they wont shoot trough the ship’s walls.Its like u have one less member once u find something that blocks their view.Keep up the good work.

  15. It should be up now.

  16. Awww yeah, Oli getting promoted on his first mission. Go go Oli!

  17. It’s been a while, when is the next one?

  18. Looks like things are coming together nicely now that you have carapace armor and veteran troops. Though you don’t care for shotguns, it may be good to try out the alloy cannon for missions where you anticipate close quarters combat.

  19. So do I! (I even play a part in it right now, so you can follow my adventures with Commander Marbozir and our team in this channel!)

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