WWE13 Attitude Era playthrough pt68 (final)
WWE13 Attitude Era playthrough pt68 (final)

This is my playthrough of the Attitude Era campaign of WWE13, with live commentary. www.thekingofhate.com http for game playthroughs www.youtube.com for fighting game coverage www.facebook.com Subscribe on Facebook www.facebook.com Like my Facebook Fan Page Follow me on Twitter @TheyCallMeDSP

  1. That’s Phil for you. Some people like it when he rages

  2. When phil laughed the ropes went crazy

  3. Your right, that match with that stupid no talent troll Snooki, should not be remembered for Trish Stratus’s last match. XD

  4. Can we not count the match with fucking Snooki in let Trish’s last match be at Unforgiven

  5. Acually Trish Status’s Last match was in 2011 at Wresltemaina 27.

  6. such a hilarious playthrough, whether it was funny due to Phil’s stupidity/rage/jokes or just the funny shit they did in the attitude era…great playthrough.

  7. „Had nothing to do with her in-ring ability.“ Bullshit Phil

  8. phil whines to much jeez.

  9. actually trish did wrestle on raw with john cena in a tag match when raw was in toronto

  10. So at the end, as always, he enjoyed the game, had fun and all, despite how angry he got about the reversal-happy CPU and other bullshit.

    I really wish another developer should do a WWE game, THQ had this for years and the animations, loading times and AI are still horrible. Still, this game seems to be good in comparison with past titles, they’re learning something from their past mistakes..

  11. No it was on raw, it was against mickie james and lita had interfered and trish managed to still win.

  12. What Was That Noise At 2:10 Behind The Austin Music Lol Because Its Funny

  13. the ropes at 12:58 haha

  14. Best. Ending. Ever.

  15. I don’t get it. He said wow?

  16. Are you are a Mark? He is done as much as the Undertaker is done

  17. This is the battle of the fake titties

  18. Wooææw hehe 😉 at13:14

  19. Strangely hot pin reversal series.

  20. ujyujuyjy

  21. Love how that description spends ages paying tribute to Eddie, then the match is just one where you have to beat him up.

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