WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode – Brothers of Destruction Playthrough – Episode 1
WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode – Brothers of Destruction Playthrough – Episode 1

The WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode Brothers of Destruction Storyline! This is episode 1 of the series! I hope that you guys enjoy it. LEAVE A LIKE! Machinimapalooza Forum: www.machinimapalooza.com Tout www.tout.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Google+: www.plus.ly

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  1. you’ve never seen thd full match? it took like 20 min to raise the cage and get foley on the stretcher. only for foley to cripple his way back up the cage and get thrown through the cell. even then the match went on


  3. How did you throw him off the top of the cell….??

  4. Yeah Puls you really have to watch the actual match its awesome 😀

  5. When its the cut scenes shut up

  6. DX for ever!!!!!

  7. this is where he tosses him off the cell

  8. u wer wrong…..backyardgamer did quicker than dis

  9. @CMPuls3 You can store your finisher faster by pressing in the right stick. You can’t do it in a grapple though, but that should help you do finishers faster.

  10. I was born the night Undertaker beat Mankind in the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring! 😀

  11. ikr i said the same thing

  12. that hell in a cell to get the finisher in a minute is pissing me off lol

  13. @CMPuLs3 dude you have to see mankind vs undertaker the first time i seen it i was like OMFG it was that good and that damn iconic and i wasnt even around for most of the attitude era

  14. Originally in the match the emt he chokeslamed was terry funk and funk lost his shoes it was awesome

  15. 04:00 Mickey Mouse or Goofey

  16. Yeah but it also propelled Shawn michaels and DX as more of a big deal

  17. WHy wouldn’t they start this part of the story with Taker vs HBK 1997 Bad Blood. I haven’t watched the other videos so it might be in the DX one but I feel it is more important in this storyline

  18. Undertaker vs. Mankind was a lot longer than that. Mankind continued wrestling after the chokeslam.

  19. Just If You Still Don’t Know, I f You Want Your Signature To Turn TO A Finisher, You Have To Stand Up But With No Grapple, Press The RS(Right Stick) In And It Will Change To A Finisher 🙂

  20. At Sucking a Dick contest you got a pig infection otherwise wouldv’e won.

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