WWE ’12: Royal Rumble Match (Feat. Attitude Era)
WWE ’12: Royal Rumble Match (Feat. Attitude Era)

WWE Royal Rumble Match – The Most anticipating match ever featuring Attitude Era Superstars & bunch of other surprise entrants. With WWE ’13 right around the corner, I had to make a finale for WWE ’12. So Tyler threw an idea to do a Live Session of Royal Rumble match and I decided to go with it. You can barely hear Tyler but If you turn up the audio you’ll be able to listen to him fine. Lot’s of LOL happens right around entrants 20ish. This is a must watch video because I had fun doing this. If you want to see me doing more videos with Tyler just post some feedback. I’ll be sure to give him a MIC next time so it’ll be better to listen to him. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com Did you Like this video? Perhaps you might want to check this one out. Shawn Michaels vs Triple H – Last Man Standing Match – www.youtube.com Extra TAGS: WWE13 Gameplay wwe smackdown svr12 svr2011 raw wwe12 thq yukes gameplay news impressions indepth first look live wrestling poopoohead uberhaxornova paragonnova nova ign roster „wwe 12“ „here comes the pain“ „WWE Raw“ „WWE SmackDown“ „shut your mouth“ „how to“ „cm punk“ community universe „Brock Lesnar“ „the rock“ vengeance 2011 2012 survivor series ring wrestlemania Undertaker Jericho gaming wwegames walkthrough playthrough review rtwm „road to wrestlemania“ „CM Punk“ Chris arena tlc draft

  1. Shutup, you idiot!!!

  2. Dude, your videos are awesome! The Attitude Era you did was epic

  3. look at shawn michals face at 3 40

  4. Did you know that you can burn songs to a disc upload them to your xbox and then use them for entrances? That’s what i did for my Sting CAW.

  5. How is its fake and gay?

  6. dude r u related to Heath Slater?

  7. nice one but riped

  8. Woooooooooo Bret Hart ftw!! Nice vid dude ^^

  9. Hi Pj, I wanted to tell you this, i love your videos, those who click dislike or write offenses in the comments, they are just jealous…….Pj For The Win 😀

  10. 20:56 LMFAO!!!! XD

  11. no need for lying you jealous bitch

  12. yeah i’m jealous…..that’s it. i’m jealous that no life people like u waste their life being first on a video. honestly no one gives a fuck so shut the fuck up

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  15. no one gives a shit bitch

  16. i thought this was 13

  17. it will be cool if you choose commentaters i would remove cole

  18. wasn’t this audio in the beginning from royal rumble 2008?

  19. Ur a fag fr making fun of jeff and matt hardy and chris benoit

  20. Are u dumb hulk hogan is the reason why wrestling even started and continue u duck !!!!!!!

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