WWE ’12: Attitude Era – WrestleMania: Trish Stratus vs Lita (Women’s Title)
WWE ’12: Attitude Era – WrestleMania: Trish Stratus vs Lita (Women’s Title)

Hope you guys LIKE this video. Enjoy 🙂 This is the Third Match of WrestleMania. The next match would be the US Title Match – Randy Orton vs Batista vs John Cena FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SHOW – www.youtube.com Extra TAGS: wwe smackdown svr12 svr2011 raw wwe12 thq yukes gameplay news impressions indepth first look live wrestling poopoohead uberhaxornova paragonnova nova ign roster „wwe 12“ „here comes the pain“ „WWE Raw“ „WWE SmackDown“ „shut your mouth“ „how to“ „cm punk“ community universe „Brock Lesnar“ „the rock“ vengeance 2011 2012 survivor series ring wrestlemania Undertaker Jericho gaming wwegames walkthrough playthrough review rtwm „road to wrestlemania“ „CM Punk“ Chris arena tlc draft

  1. ‚ ugghh you like that , you old slut ? ‚ haha xD 4:20 – 4:23

  2. Trish is in porn movies since she was 18 or 21…

  3. who cares?! Lita and Trish didn’t expose their tits to make them more feminine…

  4. Great but it’s missing Chyna 🙁

  5. LITA IS BACK!!!! I hope she stays :3

  6. Trish, Lita and Stephanie are in WWE ’13

  7. trish is not even able to do a top rope jump xd

  8. Ergh u pinned off a top rope move

  9. U should see me when I play a ladder match…my friends said I’m hilarious when I get angry playing it

  10. i have trish stratus as my womens champion thats haow much i love her

  11. Oh yes can’t wait 😀

  12. Uploading that today

  13. You shoud do this on legendary be more of a challenge.


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