Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Part 60: Chapter 25 Darklight Crypt (2/4)
Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Part 60: Chapter 25 Darklight Crypt (2/4)

Part 60 of our Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Playthrough picks up right where we left off in Darklight Crypt. Ghost Roaster (Level 9) heads back to the left where we can switch into the Ghost World and move a block to fill the gap. You then want to switch back in the Real World and pass thru the rising and falling blocks and depress the next switch. When you go up the stairs you can cross the gap (via the block you just dropped) and proceed left until you get to the platform with the Treasure Chest. In order to open it you will have to switch back to the real world. Drop off the platform and hit the switch looking at the Fir Element Gate…this will let you turn and enter the gate that we passed on our way to the Treasure Chest (or you could switch after the Treasure Chest and head back down). After passing thru the open gate we find Lockmaster Imp and a locked gate…he makes a pretty hilarious intro and we find a new obstacle by way of the flaming imp. This one is pretty easy as we netted a Perfect Score (note my ominous prediction about the „next puzzle“). As you advance you’ll be prompted to switch to a Fire Element Skylander. Head into the gate and switch to the real world. I know switched to Eruptor (Level 3). I opted for him over Flameslinger just since I had just added Eruptor a day earlier and didn’t see any enemies around. This is a simple puzzle where you just try to get access to the bounce pad. That will let you ascend the stairs and land the key we passed

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  1. i want him, but i have the other 3 undead skylanders. my mom wont let me get all 4 of one type :(

  2. oh i thought it was a tree rex from 3ds version

  3. that tree thing is called a tree rex

  4. Yes, in my opinion he is great! 

  5. Is Ghoast roaster a good character

  6. Nice, it is very hard to find locally any more…Definitely be glad you got it when you did!

  7. Cool that you got the L-Pack ‚cause i got that aswell

  8. @lovemusic1880 his videos are awesome u are screwed up

  9. Your video is the worst

  10. Yep…I was playing him with no upgrades here and he did great…he is slow, but some heroic challenges can help that stat.

  11. do you recamend erupture

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