Skylanders 101 – Sidekicks Gill Runt
Skylanders 101 – Sidekicks Gill Runt

Visit for more video game interviews and reviews! Skylanders Sidekicks Gill Runt YouTube Website: Twitter Twitter: Facebook: Skylanders Sidekicks Gill Runt gameplay commentary by Robert Welkner played on the Xbox 360 Skylanders & Frito-Lay promotion details: Popular with people on-the-go, Frito-Lay variety packs contain some of the most popular snacks in convenient 1-oz servings: Lay’s potato chips, SunChips multigrain snacks, Doritos tortilla chips, Cheetos cheese flavored snacks and Frito corn chips. It’s the easiest way to get everyone’s favorite snacks when you’re running out the door. In addition to the tasty snacks, fans aged 13+ now can get a free Skylanders Sidekick figure, exclusively available via mail, with the purchase of specially market Frito-Lay Multipack Classic Mix or Multipack Flavor Mix variety packs (a .00 shipping and handling fee per figure applies). Specially marked Frito-Lay Multipacks include a card insert, redeemable for one of four new exclusive Skylanders Sidekick character figures. To claim their sidekick, fans rank their preference for each figurine using the card insert and redeem it by mail, as limited quantities of each sidekick are available. Skylanders Sidekicks Terrabite http Skylanders Heroic Challenge : Zap Skylanders Giants Chill Official Trailer Skylanders Giants Shroomboom Official

  1. Can I have one of your side kicks I don’t care witch one I cant find the chips any more

  2. Why is your portal of power so small???

  3. try using a sidekick without a regular skylander

  4. i want one so badly 🙁

  5. i think one thing that the sidekicks are good for is distracting the bad guys

  6. NICE. you shoot ur baby with a harpoon, u let another person steal him, u electricute him, and you freeze him.. nice.

  7. are you talking about WTF cat ?! or are you just talking about WTF??!!

  8. where did you get the small porter of power

  9. If it is I’m going straight to the grocery store to get a pack. Gill grunt is the best xD

  10. Wait is this still going on?

  11. This one came my way in the mail today!

  12. best to contact Frito Lay support for those questions – thanks for watching!

  13. you need to get them buy mail, its the only way and only avaible in the usa

  14. it is true there is no more gil runt. i have trigger snappy and gil runt but the other2 are coming soon, and THERE NOT POINTLESS and you can only get them buy mail

  15. I heard they ran out of gill runt do u know if this is true

  16. I heard they ran out of gill runt do u know if this is true

  17. Why Does Gill Grunt Swim There But On The Wii, he Flies?

  18. Doing a Skylanders Giants giveaway right now! Vote which skylander or giant is given away now!

  19. I ordered gill runt in it should be here in like October

  20. which store can u buy it from??? i love terrabite he looks awesome

  21. no problem! 😀

  22. thanks for watching

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