Northernlion Plays – XCOM: Enemy Unknown! [Episode 3]
Northernlion Plays – XCOM: Enemy Unknown! [Episode 3]

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  1. I mean, Venesaur!

  2. mr obvious he will realize everything in time its not like im playing call of duty and when im out of ammo im running for my life instead of butcher everyone with a knife just because i dont know what key is assigned to that attack and stuff

  3. how the hell you missed the yellow arrow???? LOL

  4. Why didn’t you do the sectoid autopsy first? You chose south america, use its benefits!

  5. Was yelling at my screen.

  6. WTF pete katchu had a med pack, aand pay some dam attention to what ppl say in the game

  7. One of us. One of us.

  8. I love your XCOM Vids. I think Im gonna sub to you. 🙂

  9. He never did notice his secondary weapon so he must have missed the weapon screen at the bottom entirely.

  10. Shoulda took the pistol bonus. Snipers use pistols all the time. They can move + shoot or overwatch with them. Or if there’s no time to reload the rifle, the pistol comes in handy.

  11. Stunning them is like capturing pokemon!!

  12. How about K.Butops? (Kabutops)

  13. I would have liked Alice Kazam

  14. 6:19 dat pigeon.

  15. Lol 3AM in the morning.

  16. thin man looks like ossy osborn ;D


    Maybe at the fucking yellow arrow that’s been visible for the entire mission????

  18. You culd have used Ji Odud on the asian guy

  19. Both. But in this case he means original game.

  20. doesn’t it mean original game? not original gangster? I can be wrong though.

  21. Noooo, not the B/Saurs. 🙁

  22. angry birds is shit and over done

  23. First name Alek
    Last name Azam

  24. Some of them are. (shrugs) 😛

  25. original gangster, which means something along the lines of old school

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