News: Forza Horizon Pre-Order Bonuses Announced!
News: Forza Horizon Pre-Order Bonuses Announced!

News: Forza Horizon Pre-Order Bonuses Announced! Follow me on Twitter for all my YouTube updates! The Forza Horizon LCE will include the following content: Custom cover design Custom-designed Steelbook™ packaging Horizon Festival ticket to access exclusive Xbox LIVE content Day 1 Add-on Pack with 5 cars VIP Membership & Car Pack (more details soon) Horizon Accelerator Token Pack Five exclusive LCE Car Pack liveries (more details soon) Pre-Order Cars: 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia (Gamestop) 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG (Best Buy) 2012 Aston Martin Virage(Amazon) 2010 Nissan 370Z (Everywhere Else)

  1. There is also the mustange that was america only

  2. I love the 370 its my favorite to drift.

  3. how to pre-order????

  4. there were a bunch of nfs games that had skylines and were open world.

  5. i preordered at game so got the merc instead of the 458 does anyone want to gift me a 458 who got one?

  6. UGGH i just want the 370 🙁

  7. GT: Epic Gold VI…….can someone plz gift me the Ferrari 458 Italia

  8. Can someone plz gift me the Ferrari 458 Italia

  9. i preordered my from amazon but did not get aston

  10. how to get SLS AMG in xbox live with msp plz help ! :s

  11. Fucking Gamestop didn’t give me shit for my pre-order. Buncha dick skins

  12. I have a code for a Ferrari, does anyone want to exchange for an Aston? Send me a message. I just want one.

  13. Wtf I had this game pre orderded but i dont have any of these cars!!

  14. I never got these and I got the LCE

  15. how do you get the codes?? i cant find mine anywhere i got the limited collectors edition i just want the 370z!

  16. I have Pre-order codes for the Challenger x2 and also the Mercedes-Benz Code so if anyone has like a Italia or Aston Martin I would gladly trade with you!!! 🙂

  17. ya but you dont get the cars just by downloading the code you have to actually go buy them from the auto show. so dont get confused if you dont have it when you start playing.

  18. lool i got both cuz my friend works at best buy and he gave me the codes haha

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