NBA 2K13 Ultimate Alley-Oop & Put Back Tutorial: How To do Putbacks & Alley-Oops
NBA 2K13 Ultimate Alley-Oop & Put Back Tutorial: How To do Putbacks & Alley-Oops

NBA 2K13 Tutorial Alley Oops Putback Dunks Ultimate Dunking Tutorial How to do Putback Dunks & Alley Oop off the Backboard Glass to yourself Subscribe & Check ShakeDown2012 out on Twitter: ★ UtxProphecyDaGreat’s Channel. The King of Putbacks The Instrumental…

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  1. Really good tutorial man! Thank you :D

  2. good content subscribed!!

  3. how do you throw alleys to a standing teammate? i see the cpu do this all the time, but it never works for me

  4. Time the call for the oop right. If your to far or close he will lay it in.

  5. They should do away with the square button i’m sick of stealing and then firing up a full courter

  6. Thanks men

  7. Can someone tell me how my 6’8 athletic sf can’t dunk on ally oops but he has 95 dunk 85 standing dunk and hands are 93?

  8. Thanks again bro, always helping me out

  9. Love your vids. and thanks for the vids (tutorials) I’m to tired to watch it now tough, just got the game (11hours ago) and played all day. got a game on coach mode right now, getting that Easy 600vc.

  10. Nice tutorial but could you tell Shoot instead of “X” because on PC i don’t know which button is that.

  11. THE BOONDOCKS BEGGINING!!!!!! i literally am obsesst with it

  12. LOL, I see what you did there. peace.

  13. Good video, I’m still stuck in 2k11 days, didn’t do 2k12, and had no idea (didn’t RTFM) it was so easy to oop, and put-back. Good lookin out. Wasn’t Kemp Awesome at Kentucky?…. oh, wait… never mind :-/

  14. Ima do it… you got a shot.

  15. thanks you helped me out alot i can oop yo myself but i still cant get the put back

  16. Hold up shake! Is that the boondocks beat in the background in the opening? - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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