NBA 2K13 – MyPLAYER Store & Closet | Accessories Ain’t Free This Year | Choose Your Purchases Wisely
NBA 2K13 – MyPLAYER Store & Closet | Accessories Ain’t Free This Year | Choose Your Purchases Wisely

NBA 2K13 – MyPLAYER Store & Closet | Accessories Ain’t Free This Year | Choose Your Purchases Wisely Hey wassup everyone, in this NBA 2K13 video I will show ya’ll all the items that you can purchase from the MyPLAYER Store, such as Premium tops, Plain Tops, Bottoms, & Accessories. I will…

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  1. Can someone plz help me every time I try to go to my closet they say I need to be signed in but I have internet and my ps3 automatically connects to the internet. I even tested by going online on nba 2k12. Someone plz help cause I can’t get any vc till I can sign in and I need this for my myplayer

  2. He dosent do glitches/bugs.

  3. when are u out of the game

  4. Do i need xbox live for a purchase of arm sleeve

  5. lol, you prolly just saved him 500 bucks

  6. I kinda like the idea of having to buy snapbacks, and suits for your guy to wear, but I wish they just let you have shooting sleeves and high socks. I mean, even the most underpaid rookie can afford a 24 dollar sleeve, or a 12 dollar pair of socks.

  7. why is there no My player store for pc?

  8. anyone notice this came out before the real release of the game? just asking Lls 

  9. How do i change the color arm my arm sleeve.

  10. This reminds me of NBA Street V3. Using Street Points (SP) to buy some accessories, (Black and White sleeves, wristbands, etc. were free) and create your own shoe. Good times. Beating the game makes every accessory free. Creating shoes cost 750 SP (after beating the game).

  11. I hate how I have to use VC for accessories that should be free. Clothes that cost 5000 VC, a lot of the shirts aren’t worth it.

  12. @IpodKingCarter you dont have to use ur money just play blacktop 135vc, or play a 5 min quick game put it on coach mode and that 350vc or 12 min which is 600vc

  13. Cuz of crew mode

  14. I second that, 2k11 was the GOAT

  15. He said “$500 a pop…real rap” wtf? lol

  16. HEL* NO LOL NBA 2K11 FTW

  17. I think they just want us to actually play for something we want in terms of VC spending. Except the fact that on the first day of playing the game, people already started to search on how to exploit VC earning.

  18. On my birthday, Philly Played LA
    Who do you think won?
    No really who did win?

  19. Go to team shop and to your team ..located there.

  20. they also don’t pay for stat upgrades and signature skills - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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