Hitman Absolution walkthrough – part 5 HD Stealth gameplay walkthrough part 5 PC XBOX360
Hitman Absolution walkthrough – part 5 HD Stealth gameplay walkthrough part 5 PC XBOX360

Hitman Absolution Walkthrough Part 1 2 3 etc „Hitman Absolution walkthrough part 1“ HD gameplay www.youtube.com Hitman Absolution Campaign gameplay no commentary PS3 XBOX360 let’s play playthrough „Hitman Absolution walkthrough part 1“ Hitman Absolution playthrough part 1 Hitman Absolution…

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  1. hahaha made my day „i got wood man, why do i have wood?“ xD

  2. I got wood man, why do I have wood? LMFAO xD

  3. Limp dick went rogue

  4. Haha sick mofo has wood

  5. please do a commentary

  6. nevermind it looks nothing like sturgis

  7. where do you think Hope would be based off of? I live in Sturgis and „Hope“ reminds me whole lot of here

  8. The blood is simotaniously converging. And oozing out of his body. A near fatal gunshot can cause an array of feelings, both physical, and mental. Including, a boner.

  9. that sign 6:39 Free if you eat it all!….sanchez does not apply…

  10. wow , that’s actually clever lol I never even thought of it like that but that would make sense. For real though I was like wtf also. its such a serious moment and this guy is talking about having wood lmfaoooo well I guess he takes pleasure in killing people so its only right that he takes pleasure in death also….maybe a bit tooo much pleasure though.

  11. i cant wait to see the nuns or that was just to tease us?

  12. he wanted him to lead him back to theiir hide out to c who’s really after them it only make sense that A#47 does that talk about clever & how could u get wood when ur dying like lol wtf lmao when i heard that

  13. I didn’t know grenades could shoot bullets lol plus the hitman could have shot Lenny in the head no problem , he wasn’t even attempting to hide behind the girl. But he let him go.

  14. Wait… by wood… did he mean boner?
    Why would anyone have a boner when they’re dying from a bullet shot?

  15. what´s the name of that bar music please?

  16. strange last words.

  17. Everytime 47 speaks, I get chills :“>

  18. did he just say he had a erection while dying?

  19. I would have shoved that sick fuck’s head in the furnace

  20. I have also this game, i pre-odered this and it came in friday and i have played it already 2 days 😀

  21. What a Wade to go. lol Guy loved death so much, even his own.

  22. and that is why he limp dick lenny

  23. was kind of hoping he’d toss wade in the boiler thing lol

  24. wtf its not even released jet

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