Hitman Absolution – King of Chinatown Developer walkthrough E3 2012
Hitman Absolution – King of Chinatown Developer walkthrough E3 2012

HItman Absolution – King of Chinatown Developer walkthrough. Join Luke Valentine from IO Interactive as he talks Official PlayStation Magazine through a playthrough of the King of ChinaTown level in Hitman Absolution. Read more about Hitman Absolution here www.officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk Subscribe to OPM’s Channel here www.youtube.com

  1. For 7 Clean Assassinations of the King of Chinatown go to my channel by clicking on my name. thank you


  3. Bateson is back!

  4. Incorrect. IO has said they are building the PC version with the advanced tech of a PC over a console in mind.

  5. It will be a cheap PC port.

    Gaming industries don’t even give PC gamers respect like they used to now.

  6. EXACTLY. Same with all the PC whiners saying they’ve only shown console footage and therefore the PC version will be a cheap port. I’m getting it on PC and I never once worried about that. So many sheep, so little time to make fun of them all.

  7. Ya it is, it says so right in the title. See that bald dude? He’s the ‚hitman‘. He’s in all the other Hitman games. Notice the same black suit and red tie, and how you have certain targets or ‚hits‘ in a level? It’s hitman.

  8. Me neither…

  9. Can’t freaking wait…

  10. Lol true, but they also said the sexy nun murder would be an actual mission in the game 🙂

  11. I must say I have too much simpathy for Visano to set him as a target. Poor guy being yelled at the whole time and then being killed off by an assassin ^^. About the nuns (SPOILER ALERT): I think the nun who survived the CGI trailer is going to be a single player target anyway. They have shown her survival in one of the trailers.

  12. Maybe visano or one of those sexy nuns ;)

  13. True. I already look forward creating stupid contracts with unusual targets like that hippie on the bathroom trying to flush the weed in the toilet ^^

  14. I lost count of how many times I replayed the latest trailer to listen to Batestons voice, its just so epic. And the contracts is just amazing, I mean, Im going to have a couple of goes at making contracts, but I mean I will probably just be playing everyone else’s because its endless fun and challenge 🙂

  15. You can’t imagine how… Hearing his voice in the latest trailer was awesome. I’m also really excited about contracts mode and hope it adds even more to the replay value than the single player campaign. I’m glad they did not destroy anything by adding a pointless multiplayer mode like deathmatch. Spec Ops: The Line got really pulled down because of that.

  16. I bet your really glad about Batesons return and Contracts? 🙂

  17. Chuck Norris play Hitman too!

  18. Damn straight! Looks like there is a god out there… one who plays Hitman.


  20. Really? Fuck, I loved Brosnan. . .

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