Halo 4 – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 18 (Xbox 360)
Halo 4 – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 18 (Xbox 360)

Subscribe for more videos! Name: Halo 4 Release Date: November 5th, 2012 Platform(s): Xbox 360 Publisher(s): Microsoft Studios

  1. good good goodddddddddd

  2. I am glad the Chief was so vocal in Halo 4. We finally were able to see him emotionally.. I don’t think it’s weird that he is crushed at the fact that Cortana is gone. Although she was an AI, she was a part of John. One of the few people who was always with him. (Yes I referred to Cortana as a person because human is an odd term) So in essence he is losing a part of himself and I think he didn’t realize he grew attached to her

  3. 7ft tall superhuman cries over a computer chip… Halo is soo freaking manly

  4. That’s tear jerking indeed -_- To have lost your long time only friend and companion after 3 games, 4 years of drifting in space and then another journey to save the world (immediately afterward).

    On a sidenote, did the Master Chief just literally survived a pointblank nuke? What Cortana did to save him was beyond me but, really?

  5. Both endings going up soon. 🙂

  6. awesome!! but what happens now? this is the end? or there is an alternative end?

  7. man i cried at the ending…… this is on par with halo 1 for me one of the most epic games i played in my entire life.

  8. That was great.

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