Halo 4 Walkthrough – Part 1 Campaign Prologue & Dawn Let’s Play Gameplay Commentary
Halo 4 Walkthrough – Part 1 Campaign Prologue & Dawn Let’s Play Gameplay Commentary

Halo 4 Walkthrough – Part 1 Prologue The Chief Awakens XBOX 360 Let’s Play Gameplay Commentary www.youtube.com Halo 4 Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of Halo 4 with Live Gameplay on XBOX 360 in high definition. Check out my channel for more gameplay and commentary www.youtube.com Series Graphics Provided by Evan Eckard www.youtube.com My Twitter Page: twitter.com My Facebook Fan Page: on.fb.me

  1. must get xbox to play this game

  2. I am happy for master chief

  3. Shared, like, commented(Duh) and favorited


  5. only 601 comments

  6. ForRunners??

  7. I like all games, however I respect Halo just a little bit more, since it introduced me to modern-day gaming.

  8. If you hate halo then why do you watch this vid and playlist?

  9. why did it freeze a 10:10 any solutions or any one have the same problem

  10. Wheres THE WALKING DED!!!!

  11. I’m sorry but this just boring…

  12. only 595 comments

  13. dude you don’t need to move around like that >XD

  14. i wanna see the new upgraded guns! thats what i like!

  15. First I thought halo 4 was like 2009

  16. O we just woke up from 4 years of sleep.
    Wats for breakfast mommy?
    Well timmy its a good bowl of covenant ass kicking, followed by a healthy snack of covenant fleet ship dodging and then its off to a metal planet to school the bad guys!
    …….i fucking hate Mondays mom.
    I do too sweetie.

  17. Den y u watching it??

  18. I fookin‘ hate halo its so unrealistic i don’t care if its not ment to be

  19. you are good at this 🙂

  20. the definition of how to make the best gameplay commentery 😛

  21. god damn Nick, every time i watch one walkthrough you go and make another so now im between your AC3, Halo4, Walking dead, and Dishonored walkthroughs…this is gonna be a busy few weeks

  22. or ban people for being critical then offer personal attacks and death threats to’em after they’ve been banned??

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