Halo 4 UNSC Weaponry – Sticky Detonator, Railgun, Saw, Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, and More!
Halo 4 UNSC Weaponry – Sticky Detonator, Railgun, Saw, Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, and More!

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  1. Holy shitballs this game is gonna be sick!!

  2. I don’t know if Halo 2 was best, but it was my favorite. That’s literally all I did in middle school. Halo 2 just seemed more competitive to me. Plus super-jumps and tank flipping.
    I feel Halo Reach over-complicated the game.
    My favorites are 2 and 3. But I like all of them.

  3. Thumbs up if you think that somebody should do a UNSC weapons and Covenant weapons video for Halo: Reach.

  4. The railgun is what would happen if a plasma pistol and a brute shot had a baby

  5. Taken like a boss.

    Approval granted

  6. Anyone else realize that the guy who says „Snapshot“ at 0:58 is the old announcer from Halo 3?

  7. Man, morons like you just can’t comprehend what an opinion is.

  8. This game is going to suffer from CoD syndrome ( its where the devs add to much shit and therefore the game sucks balls )

  9. dat i saw the saw… and what i saw was only sawpicness

  10. A guy called Jarrod Jaws said that and he is right. If you think Halo is just space COD, then stop whining and go play Halo 2. I knew some people don’t like change, but you mustn’t berate 343i for forging their own game. They didn’t want to create a glossier halo 2 or halo 3. This is Halo 4, pay attention to the 4 because that is important. 4 comes after 3…okay.

  11. „Halo games have been blessed with one of the best game developers of all time, and some of the most passionate people behind the helm, whether its music, animation, story writers you name it. But honestly, it has some of the worst fans imaginable. If you want Halo 4 to be exactly. the. fucking. same as all the other games for the last ELEVEN YEARS, then go play H1, H2, H3. I’m stoked for a change of pace and feel. If you’re not, don’t clog youtube comment sections with your shitty words.“

  12. I found a comment by someone who summed up all I think perfectly so here you go…

  13. and you have to fight for map position and weapon spawns. Loadouts just turn the game into a (hopefully) more balanced space COD. Yes i’m going to buy the game, yes it does look enjoyable, but the guy has got a point. It looks very similar to halo reach, which many long time halo fans were extremely disappointed with.

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