Forza Horizon Official Gameplay Trailer
Forza Horizon Official Gameplay Trailer

Download and play the Forza Horizon demo on October 9! The launch trailer for this year’s hottest racing game is here! Don’t miss the road-taming speed in this action-packed video, showcasing Forza Horizon in all its open road glory. Players who download and play the „Forza Horizon“ demo and then purchase and play the full game online will receive a specially designed 2013 SRT Viper GTS, celebrating Forza Horizon’s „gone-gold“ status. This rare liveried car will only be available to those who play the demo and purchase and play the game online. The „Forza Horizon“ Xbox LIVE demo requires an Xbox LIVE account. To receive your free Viper you will need Gold member exclusive access. ESRB Rating: TEEN (Drug Reference, Language, Suggestive Themes)

  1. Can you still do swaps ? Like motor sawps

  2. Beautiful ♥

  3. Thank you, I agree with your opinion.

  4. me recordo a hot wheels turbo racing jajaja.

  5. This is how NFS should look like

  6. 32 of the people are Gran Turismo Gamers

  7. @douggoud haha I agree. I work in Electronics as well for Target. These songs are driving me insane! ESPECIALLY with One Directions new album! Hearing these songs every minute is annoying! Lol

  8. forza horizon has a better soundtrack :)

  9. with the mass amount of confusion, theres a need for speed most wanted (2005) and a need for speed most wanted (2012) compare it with forza horizon (2012) to see how disappointing forza really is

  10. i suggest you watch gameplay videos and compare them: also when i say most wanted i dont mean the old game i mean the one that came out two weeks ago.. no customization? LOL win races to better customize your car or drive around the city to find new cars or get them from opponents you beat in races

  11. need for speed most wanted is open world, after the race u will drive across the city to the next race and it has tons of customization and u can find cars, if your saying forza has better physics than need for speed most wanted? all i can do is laugh! since the tiniest scratch would show on the car paint and every single piece of the front windshield will shatter realisticly in a car crash, forza doesnt quite measure up.. also a real car enthusiast game would be grand turismo.. always has been.

  12. you can’t customize in need for speed most wanted and the AI sucks compared to forza horizon

  13. need for speed has 3rd party gfx patches like FXAA injectors, multiplayer, online statistics / rankings.. forza dont compete at all.. this is more like a followup to midnight club 2

  14. yeah but in the new most wanted you can’t customize your cars

  15. nfs pro street copy ¬¬

  16. Forza 4 is way better. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is better than this.

  17. need for speed is for everything: xbox, ps3, pc, iphone, ipad, steam, linux, etc

  18. is need for speed just for ps3

  19. Look ugly

  20. best racing game in 2012? nah.. need for speed most wanted kills this game

  21. So, like the Motarstorm festival, but with street cars? Seems ilgeit.

  22. my baby worked on this game 😀 so proud. <3

  23. is better forza 4

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