Forza Horizon Gameplay Jaguar Career Mode Gauntlet Gameplay – Forza Horizon Walkthrough Part 7
Forza Horizon Gameplay Jaguar Career Mode Gauntlet Gameplay – Forza Horizon Walkthrough Part 7

Forza Horizon gameplay of Jaguar competing against fast class A cars in the epic Gauntlet race, which takes racers near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! This race shows off the many fast cars in Forza Horison and also shows the variety of race events found in the single player career mode throughout the Forza Horizon music festival. Just make sure you do not crash because epic crashes can be bad for you! This isn’t Need for Speed Most Wanted or Burnout! While you can turn on the assists, you can also shut off the assists to to aid in drifting, fast acceleration, top speeds, perfect cornering, and more. If you are a drift king like Team Blackjack then you will definitely want to tweak and edit the assist settings and options to be more difficult. Such assists include anti lock brakes ABS, traction control, braking line, and more. The game also has an inside cokpit view as well and supports the steering wheel too. Visit Forza Zone for Forza Horizon videos, review, photomode photos, complete car list, forums, trailers, DLC downloadable car packs, and more: Subscribe to GameVerb at Find us on Facebook at: Thanks for watching!

  1. i want this game but i really like the police bashing and stuff on nfs what shud i get?

  2. where in america, im from the u.s. an stilll can hardly understand u…lol, an nothing about that race was „epic“…..lmao

  3. are you trying to be retarded?

  4. hey can you do a gameplay vid with the diablo sv that car was awesome on nfs3 hp

  5. dude where r u from

  6. nice video man,can you make a video driving a subaru 22b at night?

  7. i want turn signals.. are they in game?? :/

  8. Ja-gu-ahr

  9. im pretty sure i will i played the demo for about 5 hours yesterday lol

  10. nice car could you show us the tuning in this game? mean like bodykits and how far you can tune for example the jaguar? and please buy a mercedes c63 amg black you will love it!!!

  11. You cant drive for shit

  12. Its more like Jag u war. Nice vids cant wait for the game.

  13. yes, and you’re gonna love it!

  14. Because I’m American…but now I know the correct pronunciation. 😀
    „jag u were“ <---right?

  15. Why do you say „Jagwire“? 😉

  16. Are you able to paint aftermarket rims White? unlike forza’s before which always stay grey.

  17. is the review copy exactly the same as the full game or what? lol

  18. @GameVerb can you just tell me something about the online mode? do you set up a private game to be able to play with friends online? is the whole entire map open for you and your buddies? also is it a private setup or are there lobbies you can join? thanks

  19. Hey, would you recommend playing with a controller or steering wheel?

  20. Me too! It’s my favorite racing game so far.

  21. No, it’s the full game – I received a review copy (I run ForzaZone[dot]com). More videos are on the way for you all!

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