Forza Horizon Gameplay Classic Mustang Gameplay Muscle Cars – Walkthrough Part 5
Forza Horizon Gameplay Classic Mustang Gameplay Muscle Cars – Walkthrough Part 5

Forza Horizon muscle cars race in this classic cars race event featuring the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429. As we continue our walkthrough of the Forza Horizon career mode, we dive into classic cars and explore the other muscle cars we compete against. Ya gotta love classic cars! The weight to them is unmistakable and their phyics make them fun and challenging at the same time as you take on the many racing events found throught the Horizon music festival. Other cars in the game include Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Chevrolet, Corvette, Viper, and so many more in the expansive car list that will also continue to grow thanks to upcoming Forza Horizon downloadable content DLC car packs. Visit Forza Zone for Forza Horizon videos, review, photomode photos, complete car list, forums, trailers, DLC downloadable car packs, and more: Subscribe to GameVerb at Find us on Facebook at: Thanks for watching!

  1. Where you got the background music? cuz it sounds amazing, and fits pretty well with the Horizon events 😉

  2. Can you do some Aston Martin gameplay? just wondering ? 🙂

  3. The Doc and Marty taught me how to spot time nomads.

  4. does the green disc have all the content on it or is there more when the game releases?
    please get back to me im getting worried about the car selection in this game

  5. Man, I loved TOCA. Do you remember Jarret and Labonte Stock car Racing too?

  6. Thanks for watching, appreciate it!

  7. How did you know?! 😛

  8. He’s from the future bro.

  9. wait a minute how is he plaing the game now its not even out

  10. i wonder how many people know know WTH TOCA is

  11. A great & enticing look at the game & Muscle Cars, awesome!

  12. Great footage & commentary man!

  13. how is drifting on this game since you cant tune

  14. You sound like turtle man 😀

    (Not a bad thing)

  15. Agreed brother!

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