Forza Horizon – All Cars from Autoshow (24.10.2012)
Forza Horizon – All Cars from Autoshow (24.10.2012)

Forza Horizon – All Cars from Autoshow (24.10.2012) MotoGamesTV

  1. its all just a money making story because they are gonna make a bunch of DLC’s and everybody will want the cars so they will buy it and then they will get more cash , i thaught that this game would be better than any other racing game but no doesnt look like it , forza 4 is better

  2. ya bro they really cut back on all the cars this time like y no rs3 q7 r8 v10 and more subarus and mitsubishis and astin martins but no we put in alot of mercs and bmw’s ,

  3. Bugatti ss Thank GOD !!!!

  4. About 500 cars in forza 4 but less than 200 in horizon?

  5. Nevermind, I’ve never owned a Forza game so all these cars will be new to me along with the fact that only about halfway through the video I am already daunted. KOENIGSEGG AGERA R IS MY GOAL.

  6. I’m thinking I’ll get this game for christmas with an Xbox360, but what about the lack of cars… I wonder if it’ll ever feel pointless or like there is nothing I want to buy in the autoshow…

  7. WTF!!!!!!!NO LANCER EVO VIII!?!?!?!?

  8. Ugh too many super cars

  9. really? no 70 Challenger R/T?

  10. where is porche


  12. Forza horizon i dont like it .
    I expect more bud it just suck

  13. lol , idont exactly call porsche - ruf , only models in-game : )

  14. i know but is not the same thng :/ 4 me

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