FIFA 13 Pro Clubs: The Road To Be A Pro – #12 – Glad You Could Drop In
FIFA 13 Pro Clubs: The Road To Be A Pro – #12 – Glad You Could Drop In

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  1. Nice calling them names i agree with ya

  2. sour throat after them games

  3. @Maarten Van Laere Fuck off

  4. dont try to copy KSI…

  5. it angers me to watch these complete downers not PASSSSSSSSSSS!!

  6. heyy guys i play for the number one club in the world “F1FA K1NGS.”(xbox 360) I just made our first montage and would love you to check it out, please like this comment so others can see!

  7. you are such a geek

  8. Can someone please make a soundboard out of this??

  9. hahah, this was hilarious

  10. omg crying brilliant episode trout!!! loved the david luis bit

  11. trout in drop in games just press up then A to get striker position instead of scrolling all the way down trying to beat the people who press up, A

  12. i just pissed myself, this is so funny!

  13. Thanks!

  14. Please take Trouty back gaffa! Star player!

  15. Gundarrrr

  16. best episode yet

  17. Love the dodge ball quote, thats worth a sub <3,

  18. Well then every “he” you see replace it with “she”. Problem Solved!

  19. More vids like this Trout! This was funny as hell!

  20. Funny as fuck! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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