Dishonored – Stealth Gameplay Playthrough Part 1 Mission 1
Dishonored – Stealth Gameplay Playthrough Part 1 Mission 1

Dishonored Gameplay Part 1 Mission 1 – Dishonored. This is a stealth playthrough on normal difficulty with cutscenes and no voiceover or commentary. I will be doing a Very Hard Difficulty Stealth Walkthrough No Detection No Kills after finishing this. Subscribe to the show: WikiGameGuides Steam group Twitter @JohnTarrJr Twitter @ExplicitD Facebook Google+ Livestreams

  1. no the guard didn’t die, if you look at the stats it says no kills, the guard wasn’t stupid he moved back lol

  2. spotted on more than one occasion and killed a guard with an explosive – gd attemp 😉

  3. you could have killed a rat, they can kill you in groups so yeah

  4. 31:58 EPIC FAIL!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  5. haha ya.. finally =)

  6. Haha, you’re right! Morrowind: In a boat as a prisoner. Oblivion: In the Imperial Dungeon as a prisoner. And Skyrim: Going to be executed as a prisoner. Dishonored: Framed and put in a prison as a prisoner. OH and final, Arena: PRISONER!!! 😀

  7. For the trophy Clean Hands you don’t actually have to spare everyone. You can still kill your main targets.

  8. Typical Bethesda beginning: starting out in a a prisoner

  9. Need For Speed MW2 🙂

  10. Check out my channel for a better playthrough

  11. I think this game is fucking stupid. I didn’t kill anyone yet it says 1 hostile killed. Fix that shit glitch

  12. Although I really like the game, I personally think it’s a horrible stealth playthrough, you did not need to knock out 90% of those guards, you also got detected, missed lots of loot(although i guess its irrelevant) and wasted time tripping booby traps while you could simply go around and collect the bolts…

  13. i think you would liek walkthroughs more then let’s plays and playthroughs..

  14. yes, yes, we know, consoles are outdated as hell.

  15. ive seen theRadBrad he stops playing to talk about his personal life and his channel. fuck that. he so isn’t a good commentator although he may be funny and entertaining, he isn’t professional like this man is.

  16. Check out theRadBrad

  17. yeah finaly

  18. Lol @ 25:50 throw ALL the bodies and that won’t happen silly goose

  19. look threw the key holes.

  20. check out theradbrad , he does good commentary without to much talking

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