Deadlight – Part 2
Deadlight – Part 2

Deadlight Walkthrough / Gameplay for PC without commentary ! Playing for first time without any experiance or knowing what is storyline. Feel free to comment about choices and desicions during walkthrough in comment section down below. DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT/LIKE/SUBSCRIBE ! Check out my Twitter, Facebook, Site and Steam ? Twitter – Facebook – Steam – Site – Deadlight is a 2.5D sidescroller game in which the character can only move from left to right and cannot enter environments except for the aligned path. The game consists of puzzles that the player must solve as he tries to survive being killed by „Shadows“; humans who have become zombies. Players are told to avoid all Shadows at all costs and not to get into combat. Combat revolves around using melee attacks with a fire axe that is found during the game that requires stamina or later when the player is able to find a revolver. The game insists that combat be avoided because of the rising danger that the player will attract more enemies. The player character is shown to have three health points that can be replenished by using first aid kits. The health point numbers can increase by a single point if the player can find power-ups around the environment. Stamina has an important role as running and fighting can deplete it, forcing the player to rest. The game contains hidden collectable items strewn throughout its levels. As the game

  1. Lol you should of waited for all the zombies to come over at 2:29

  2. they will kill you if you’re not smart, SPLAT, i lol’ed

  3. is this game kinda related to walking dead?

  4. Actually one more game pretty similiar to this one is my next project. Tonight or tommorow first videos :)

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