COTV – SKYLANDERS GIANTS Rumbletown Gameplay Commentary 03
COTV – SKYLANDERS GIANTS Rumbletown Gameplay Commentary 03

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  1. I like your videos because they’re funny!
    To get the soul gem, you get the key and put it in the lock and then swap keys because there’s another key.

  2. you are so cool

  3. u know the thing on the ship whit the undead sign maybe you should attack it by a undead skylander

  4. cant wait untill i get it

  5. skylanders giants is just super awesome

  6. Why is he so stupid?

  7. hey Coinop, how come you didn’t switch to jet-Vac after seeing you couldn’t get things for Cynder? I mean he has a lot of money from the last two levels.

  8. hello love your videos i just got 2 skylanders swarm and pop fizz can you make a swarm video
    write back to me if you can.

  9. wicth giant u like out all the one u got and wicth giant and new ones u want

  10. Instead of walking into thhat elemental door you have to attack it with that element

  11. Thumbs up if your proud of being a portal master

  12. the elemental gate you tried to walk into you need to hit it with the elemental skylander

  13. life spell punk

  14. you must hit it with a attack to open it


  16. you should get eye bwal he is a giant

  17. jet vac can suck in the birds awesome try it

  18. his feathers not skin

  19. chill and fright rider are epic

  20. no wait you missed a luck o tron wheel

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