Assassin’s Creed 3 – Sequence 07 – Mission 2 – Lexington and Concord (100% Sync – Perfectionist)
Assassin’s Creed 3 – Sequence 07 – Mission 2 – Lexington and Concord (100% Sync – Perfectionist)

Assassin’s Creed III mission walkthrough in HD with full 100% synchronization to unlock the Achievement / Trophy „Perfectionist“ Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough [Full 100% Synchronization] Playlist: Follow our Assassin’s Creed III Show for more videos: =================================== Sequence 07 Mission N. 2 – Stop the Redcoats from destroying the weapons at Barrett’s farm. Optional objectives: – Kill groups of regulars with a single order – 7/7 – Rescue civilian hostages – 1/1 – Completed all the constraints in one playthrough. Related achievements / trophies: – The Whites of Their Eyes – Perfectionist =================================== Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U & PC Video recorded on: Microsoft Xbox 360 =================================== For more, visit: ● ● ● http ●

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  1. Really? I thought it was a piece of cake. Easy to fail, but not easy to fail an optional objective.

  2. Yes, 100% sync. I learned this the hard way. I didn’t realize I needed to give orders to the soldiers on the left and right sides, stupid me. Once I did though, I somehow managed to complete it. But I did lose at least 3 soldiers, but somehow the game didn’t penalize me for it. I was so relieved once I beaten it. God, I hate this mission… so much. Stupid guy in red.

  3. the is one of THE WORST missions in the game

  4. done it fully synced 😀

  5. was it 100% Synch?

  6. Thanks for making this playthrough! I had to follow it exactly to finally complete this part after about five times.

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