NBA 2K13 Ultimate Dunking Tutorial: How To do 360′s, Between The Legs & More
NBA 2K13 Ultimate Dunking Tutorial: How To do 360′s, Between The Legs & More

NBA 2K13 Dunking Tutorial How To Do 360′s Between The Legs Spin Dunks Reverses Foul Line Dunk featuring Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Subscribe & Check ShakeDown2012 out on Twitter: ★ The Instrumental is “The Game Needs Me” by bmagicdabeast He has some of the best Beats on YouTube:…

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  1. how do u do dunks with the right stick

  2. Yes, I fixed it. You just need to double tap “B”. Sorry about that.

  3. double tap x? isn’t that euro step?

  4. For the between legs 360 dunk. Your getting me confused on what to double tap then to press. Can you clarify that for the PS3?

  5. No Julius Erving in 2k13 was an epic dissapointment. I hope people know he dunked from the free throw line way before MJ did.

  6. Every time i double tap ‘B’ it makes me spin

  7. Dunk Request: Tomahawk

  8. Never mind he just did it, but how do i turn on the dunk intesity meter or is that an automatic meter thats on

  9. I have the 360 in between legs package but my muplayer wont do it every time i double tap b he does hop steps

  10. @shakedown2012 can you post a vid on the nikeid shoe glitch ?

  11. not sure as I’m answering your msg. But it should be in the description.

  12. Practice. Come off your Left hand dribble and double tap X or Square for PS3

  13. What all upgrades do you have to have to do the under the leg 360 dunks I I have the dunk package but he won’t do it?

  14. The Blacktop in this game is like And1.

  15. kirilinko gettin dunked on!

  16. To shake what beat is that in the backround I wanna use it for my mixtape if that’s cool - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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