NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Mode – My First Game In The NBA VS. Lakers | The Path Of My Career
NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Mode – My First Game In The NBA VS. Lakers | The Path Of My Career

NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Mode – My First Game In The NBA VS. Lakers | The Path Of My Career YEERRRPPPP! It’s time for the NBA to finally get going and tonight I am going up against The Los Angeles Lakers who have an unstoppable roster with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash &…

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  1. Idk if this will work for other peoples my play but instead of clicking the my player at the home page use the right stick then go to it see if that works.

  2. I got drafted to the trailblazers too

  3. I bough some signetur ANIMATIONS on MyPlayer! And im 80 Overall!
    Question: Why dont i see my player use them in a game ? ? ? ?
    PLS HELP!! someone who knows ?

  4. Ipodkingcarter is the in west

  5. You should re-patch it.

  6. i agree with half yo comment nigga. haha, i know what you mean, if your player is overpowered it gets boring just dominating the CPU. It’s more entertaining having to work your way to the top. I would still want to be a starter and an all star, but doing it legit. Not by cheesing or buying VC.

  7. maybe its just me… but i dont ever want to be 99 overall. i was on 2k10 and shit was boring. i’d rather have a realistic career. hell, for once i think im gonna make a player and try to make a career as a role player off the bench. that would be freakin awesome

  8. mines does 2 like wtf

  9. you are playing an offline my career instead of an online my career you have to have online for vc

  10. its happens if you dont have a large memory on ur console either by more memory or get xbox live to download the patch that fixes it

  11. rofl the song at the end is bad

  12. why pc controls sucks soo bad? pls reply ipodking

  13. @dave31318 Yur not connected to 2k’s servers

  14. Your not connected to internet

  15. im a 7.0 center i love exploding in the paint i want to make a blacktop squad you me and wyza respond if interested

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