NBA 2K13 How To Get More VC Legit | VC Kills MyCareer
NBA 2K13 How To Get More VC Legit | VC Kills MyCareer

NBA 2K13 How to get Virtual Currency Legit Virtual Currency MyPlayer MyCareer Subscribe & Check ShakeDown2012 out on Twitter: ★ I had a vid up showing how to get VC for cheap but I took it down immediately. I’m against people just buying VC & maxing out they’re MyPlayer. I…

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  1. 2k is curbing u to buy vc points. With all of the accessories this year needing to be bought at high rates. To your player missing open looks they should be making. Which causes u to not get much vc after the game. Y do u think it’s so cheap? For 3 bucks i can get as much vc as 3 months would take me playing evryday which i can’t cause i work full time..

  2. yeah i already figured that out 🙂

  3. Simply play association with 12 min quater than you ll get 750 easy as that ching ching

  4. That wouldn’t be worth it, 3 pointers are incredibly easy this year anyway. 85+ 3 point is basically overkill.

  5. I understand your situation, and I don’t care if people really buying VC, because if thats how they want to go about their career, so be it, but I feel it much more fulfilling to work to get your player better and play the game, I don’t really every play online so it doesn’t matter, but it has almost always been frowned upon in the gaming community to use real money to get a competitive advantage online.

  6. Its not really cheating if you think about it I mean the things that were free in the previous 2ks now cost what would take average player hours to accumulate 5,000 vc for a sleeve? And honestly I don’t see nothing wrong with it for the simple fact your spending your „own“ money……and myteam is even more expensive 20,000 vc for a player……..

  7. just max out an attribute that you cant buy and it will give you the option

  8. This happened to me
    Atleast 1 week after buying VC
    The 2k servers were always down
    So I made a new account and 2k server works fine
    Be careful

  9. I dont think that you can buy VC if your in Australia because I cant see where to buy it anywhere where do you buy it?

  10. i want to buy the thing on your arm that gives you a plus 3pt but my 3 pt is already a 95 so if i buy it would it make my 3pt 98?

  11. im getting 3000 vc just in my payday

  12. Does it still work with game sliders on ?

  13. The real best legit way is MyCareer. All you have to do is put the quarter length on 12 minutes and do as well as possible the CC range per match is 0 to 2500 depending on how good you perform and key games are where you average 600vc per match

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