FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Deck Decider 1 – Jack of Hearts
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Deck Decider 1 – Jack of Hearts

Can we get 5000 likes for the return of DeckDecider?! Career Mode Playlist: Path to Power Check me out below! Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow me to know when I stream Live!

  1. He didn’t say it was, smart ass! -_-„

  2. Giveaway on my channel lads! Only few hours left (PS3)

  3. Corners : not uplift or downlift on the ball, aim to the edge of the box and only put inward serve. Works every time for me.

  4. WOW!! didnt think this would work but i did. i went to and got ONE MILLION COINS for free!! it was so fast and easy for me to do and i got it under 24hours and now i can go buy my dream team and messi or ronaldo!!


  6. for 750k on FUT13 go to fifa13officialgenerator.weebly­­­­­­.com

  7. Really cool and original, nice.

  8. Is the Web free to use and do you get to keep the team?

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  10. YOU MUST READ THIS! I got free players and I want to share how to help everyone out.This works becasue ea doesn’t keep track of who has what players and they don’t really care either. All you have to do is message their player support email which is and tell them u got hacked and lost an amount of coins and some players like Rooney.Just don’t make it bait and say 12 Messi’s and 400 Million coins.Just send them an email and the will get back to you in 24 hours.ENJOY

  11. for 750k on FUT13 go to fifa13officialgenerator.weebly­­­­­­.com

  12. He has that much coins because people in japes streams bid ridiculous amount of coins on his players i.e nasri 400k i.e some random silver 800k. That is how he gets rich

  13. Well I suppose you could say this is a ’stellar‘ episode

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