FIFA 13 Goals of the Week | Round 3
FIFA 13 Goals of the Week | Round 3

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  1. i wish the crowd was better…

  2. euh…origin account us necessary for online pass cause my pass is not working!!??

  3. Want Messi, Ronaldo or Benzema in your FIFA 13 UT….. Absolutely free? YES?

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  4. OMG i just got a player worth over 100k and 1 million coins from this website­­­­­, you should definitely try it !

  5. No His Real Name is Omar
    he is from Iraq
    and Raghed is his Friend and mine too
    we are a clan 😉

  6. I assume his Youtube account and name is Ragheed Yousif judging by the comment he left me lol. I really pissed him off lol XD. Serves him right!. He needs to show people some respect other wise he isn’t going to recieve any!. He clearly has a lot of mental issues!

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  8. i have no idea
    i don’t even play Fifa
    but he does all the time :p

  9. The point is, he shouldn’t be doing what ever it is he’s doing to influence the score to go his way no matter what. If you know him Personally, then would you care to explain why he won every match 3-0?! I even read people complaining about him on forums. He is a cheat and should be delth with as a result! he even achievement glitchs nearly every game he has. What a loser that guy must be to feel the need to go about his gaming this way.

  10. lol
    No man he Aint no Hacker
    i know him Personally
    he can’t do sh*t

  11. i see that you haven’t taking your retard pills today…weirdo!

  12. how do you do that flick up after a pass, the one that the someone did towards the end of the vid?

  13. I wanna play FIFA 13, NOT FIFA STREET

  14. OMG i just got a player worth over 100k and 1 million coins from this website­­­­­, you should definitely try it !

  15. shit the fuk up mother fukerrrrr loser as bitchhhhh ur not old enough to play with him

  16. Hey guys, I just e-mailed claiming that I lost an IF Gareth Bale from my pre-order special pack even though I didn’t. So I followed their easy steps to claiming him and I got him within 48 hours 🙂 How about you try claiming a player you want?

  17. If you want more coins on ultimate team do what I did email­­uk. I did and said i lost an in form Gareth Bale and they refunded me 230,000 coins.

  18. too bad I keep getting booted from EA servers otherwise I may have a FUT goal of the week…but EA gives us a DUD of the week.

  19. I tried and hopefully Ea will get something done

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