Dishonored Walkthrough – Part 2 Dunwall Sewers Let’s Play XBOX PS3 PC Gameplay
Dishonored Walkthrough – Part 2 Dunwall Sewers Let’s Play XBOX PS3 PC Gameplay

Dishonored Walkthrough – Part 1 Empresses & Betrayal Let’s Play XBOX PS3 PC Gamplay Commentary Dishonored Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough ofDishonored with Live Gameplay and Commentary on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC in high definition. Check out my channel for more gameplay and commentary My Twitter Page: My Facebook Fan Page:

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  1. Why are the graphics so outdated

  2. yeah, nic’s not the most observant gamer on youtube, but he plays a wide range of games, posts frequently, his commentary is pretty good, records in the best quality possible, and his interaction with the fans is top notch, takes requests, questions and comments, regardless of some abuse he receives as well. Overall, probably one of the best „non-themed“ (by which i mean he doesn’t stick to a genre, like the FIFA community) gamers on youtube.

  3. Uhm when he comes up to the safe he picks up a note that tells him that the combination to the safe is on the whisky container behind the safe… and he completely doesn’t understand it and leaves the safe… it is annoying to watch a playthrough where ppl don’t figure out the puzzles and explore everything it’s like he is just rushing through the game.

  4. Yeah I always see him missing things D:

  5. The guys a moron but hes only one that does timely lets plays of games i like.

    He always fails in ways like that.


  7. My computer can’t handle this game 🙁

  8. holy %@$# i just last minute pre ordered dishonored and thought: wtf did i order the right system? I almost lost $75 to a game i couldn’t play… XD

  9. the more people you kill more guard next level

  10. did you feed your rats today 1:00

  11. What happens to one piece

  12. He eats so much. He must be vary fat.

  13. i was just thinking the same thing!

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