Adventures of K’Joor – 15 – Khajiit Thief – Skyrim Let’s Play: „Naked Guy From The Sky“
Adventures of K’Joor – 15 – Khajiit Thief – Skyrim Let’s Play: „Naked Guy From The Sky“

Another crazy episode where we do more assassinations and exploring! 😉 It’s the first episode with facecam, let me know what you think about it! Playlist for this adventure!: Tags that spreads our Alliance! \m/ – 15 – Khajiit Thief – Skyrim Let’s Play: „Naked Guy From The Sky“ K’Joor k joor kjoor voices from dark voicesfromthedark alliance ally community Elder Scrolls V: pc ps3 xbox lp walkthrough glitches PlayStation Playthrough Gameplay Mission Adventure Action Game Quest Lets Journey Fable JESUS LIKES TACO dark elf high khajiit orc redguard argonian nord wood breton imperial empire dungeon dwarf rpg role playing game skills perks level magicka dragon dragons shouts dovahkiin horse archery destruction illusion conjuration walkthrough playthrough bow arrow daedric daedra hell dremora soul gem enchanting alchemy dark brotherhood thieves guild mages guild bards college riften the rift gameplay

  1. seriously, L in the facecam?

  2. looks younger than i thought…

  3. *face palm* It is juice Dark 😀

  4. Yeah, people seemed to agree on that ^^“ I guess Skyrim isn’t a facecam game ^-^

  5. i know that the video was posted half a year ago.. but just to let u know the facecam ruins the video abit, but its still a great video though 🙂

  6. I liked it

  7. I liked the facecam 🙂

  8. lol it didnt ruin the video….it was kinda funny, i think it would be pretty cool if you still did it because your really funny. LOL my laptop needed to buffer at 6:41 when you went into the nght mothers coffin and your facial expression was priceless XD

  9. Dont listen to that fool. Do what you want. Ive been watching your content and your an awesome commentator.

  10. I am all calm. But its just avesome that you ansver from your old vids and that you are from northen eu me 2 im your faithfull darkling from the land of the Epics Denmark we are the realworlds nordsthx for ansvering

  11. O___O Okay… okay… calm down .___.

  12. you just ruined it all by showing yourselv please do NOT do it again (my god some1 likes that?!)

  13. Im from the UK! *waves*

  14. <3 finaly some one that understands me :)

  15. Episode 28 I believe ^^

  16. which episode do you start your invented „main questline?“

  17. I“mmm duuutchh ;DD

  18. how did u do a paladin?

  19. i agree with you with he’s engelish is very good and ofcours your video’s are awsome VoicesFromTheDark and Miarije i am dutch to 😉 haha nederlands… maar ik vind nederlands eigelijk niet echt een mooie taal 😛

  20. I’m from the UK!

  21. im from the uk too ♥ 🙂

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