Will Dawnguard come out on the PS3 and PC ?
Will Dawnguard come out on the PS3 and PC ?

hey guys just wanted to make a quick video on some facts that i just found out about dawnguard. i forgot to mention in this video i am on master difficult and fighting a legendary dragon. The Vp of Bethesda does not like to talk about dawnguard for any other system or platform other than the xbox 360. link to tweet and information about dawnguard below LINK TO NEW INFO: www.youtube.com twitter.com www.g4tv.com Link to me killing the legendary dragon and how to find one below www.youtube.com

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  1. Honestly I fucking hate Xbox and Microsoft, Macintosh Is so much better and faster for every windows program and Microsoft computer I’ve ran apple rapes the shit out of them and ps3 has tons of exclusives and the games they share with Xbox and pc Xbox ruins.

  2. hi know to realese date on ps3

  3. i use ps3 because paying for the ability to get an online account is stupid PS3 PS3 Ps3!!!

  4. I think pc and ps3 chould work together to elimenate xbox FOREVER!!!!! PC was first and the elder scrolls was first on pc. Playstation was second and oblivion was for ps and pc. XBOX was thirth and only has skyrim. 5/10 plays skyrim on PC 3/10 plays skyrim on PS3 2/10 plays skyrim on XBOX Together were strong xbox’s nothing without us, let them feel this resistance! Copy this and put it on every skyrim video! And everyone who reads this thumbs up so the hole world will see this!

  5. @Conor O.Davis Its Xbox fuck face and fuck ps3

  6. you peace of shit you x boxers are so lucky ps3 did not get one dlc so fuck you and fuck you bethesda

  7. ps3 has not got one dlc fuck you bethesda

  8. This is total bullshit all of the ps3 people have been waiting for a long time and now they dont know when to release it on ps3 or pc. We should get a big discount or for free but im not paying full price for the dlc

  9. they should either sell it to us for $10 or for free because this wait time is absolutely bullshit..give exclusive game time to xbox and not pc yet the whole series STARTED on pc..i hope the ps3 version will be out with a discount because bethesda is really pissing me off

  10. Fuck ps3 Xbox Xbox Xbox pc is ok ps3 fuck off

  11. Pc cant team up with ps3 you fucking retards because pc is not a company it is a name.

  12. fucking hate xbox

  13. ps3 got patch 1.6 so that probably means dawnguard will be out for ps3 soon,dawnguard hasn’t come for ps3 yet cause of the bugs ps3 dawnguard,so ps3 gamers with skyrim and want dawnguard,it will be out soon proabbly september or mid/late august

  14. good points! about loosing money

  15. I totally agree with you but Xbox has morrowind oblivion and.skyrim PS3 only has skyrim and oblivion

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