Skyrim: Dawnguard – Dragon Shout: Drain Vitality
Skyrim: Dawnguard – Dragon Shout: Drain Vitality

All 3 words of power for the Dragon Shout, Drain Vitality, in the Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. The first word of power, GAAN, is found in Dimhollow crypt during Dawnguard’s main quest Awakening. The second, LAH, is found at the Forgotten Vale south of the Shrine of resolution. The final word, HAAS, will be found at Arcwind Point to the left of the alter. The shout exhausts Health, Stamina, and Magicka from your enemy.

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  1. to get access to all the shouts exept summon durneviir, do you have to be a vampire?

  2. I feel bad for your comment section.

  3. People should just stop bitching and get a 360 as well, I have both

  4. how kan i get that shout on ps3 like wtf cant i get a platnum trofy

  5. Same dude as soon as I got the last word for drain vitality, when I went to unlock it I had 2 drain vitality shouts which was renamed from the marked from death

  6. can you anwer me why i have twi drain vitality shouts? one of them use the same words as marked for death and has only a 9 second recharge time :/ and when i use it he doesnt shout.

  7. I completed dawnguard and somehow managed to miss all those words……

  8. It is Microsofts business since they funded the DLC. Sony sure weren’t going to and Zenimax are a bunch of tight arse cunts.

  9. …up with unfair bullshit because of a greedy company. Bethesda could just refuse the money and not loose fans but apparently the fans don’t matter and they would rather betray them for a little pile of money. I’m not saying Xbox should get a delayed release; I think everyone should get a simultaneous release. I don’t fully blame Bethesda I think Microsoft is more to blame. Why can’t they mined their own damn business just one time? Why can’t they show some respect to other console players?

  10. No not really. That’s really a matter of opinion. I play Battlefield 3 allot and I have NEVER once experienced lag or any technical issues. I’ve never encountered hackers meanwhile Xbox is about the same. How is Xbox better in this situation? This is the case for many multi-platform games. Bethesda hasn’t made an attempt to benefit Sony so why would they start throwing Piles of money at them? Microsoft tosses money at the devs to benefit themselves and nothing more. Players shouldn’t have to put

  11. It sure does. Playstations relationship with game devs shows. That’s why Multi-Platform games are better on 360

  12. And Bethesda hasn’t done anything for Sony. -_- It works both ways…

  13. 0:39 thats how fast characters would run if this game had athletics

  14. oh, i only know about the one last summer.

  15. It’s actually happened 4 times.

  16. Please don’t just tell me to shut up, if there is anything wrong and not factually correct with my statement, please, try your hardest to prove me wrong. Also I’m not a hacker. I’m a modder . 😛

  17. it happend 1 time, they have fixed it now. they also gave away free stuff because of the hacking too.

  18. shut up u hacker

  19. At least on Steam and Xbox Live I don’t have to worry about Hackers breaking into the system and stealing my personal Information. I’d rather pay half a Days wages on a year of Xbox Live than all my shit being stolen. Also, the interface, multi-platform games and multiplayer are much more superior on the Xbox.. nothing good is for free, as proved by Sony’s cheap online service.

  20. me: 0:46 wait, does it actually come dragons out of the ice like in the trailer. 0:54 nevermind

  21. hey, dont talk trash about sony. its free to play online on PS3

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