Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 7 Prophet (Gameplay/Commentary) Xbox/PS3/PC
Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 7 Prophet (Gameplay/Commentary) Xbox/PS3/PC

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 7 Prophet (Gameplay/Commentary) Xbox/PS3/PC One of the Biggest DLC’s of the year, so excited. Please show your support for the video if you please hit that like button and subscribe. Follow me on Twitter Playlist:

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  1. you have to find it again 🙂

  2. @Kyle Skaggs Buy It Back

  3. mine seem to be glitchy as well when i went to save him he was outside the magic forcefield friendly but every time i go back to the fortress he wont stop attacking everyon its starting to piss me off

  4. My glitch on this is .. The mob is gonna fight everybody and i can’t ask him to read the scroll
    so i must start over and choose to be a vampire 🙁 but it works i can now contineu with the story ….:(

  5. i dont have the dragon elder scroll i sold it to the college of winterhold…what do i do??

  6. just a sugestion you dont have to zoom in as your loading the bow, load the bow then zoom in it takes less time and your bow will do more daage if you pull it all the way.

  7. I keep getting a bug with this where he just doesn’t stop trying to kill me

  8. serana is the deadric lord of night and dusk

  9. Thanks your the only one who does the dawnguard side

  10. Im very Impressed to but Im a little piss off on why its on xbox 360 first when it should be on all platforms. I have to wait since I have this one ps3. but Im Enjoying this play through. who to see some werewolves fighting in this add-on

  11. 8:00 turn on caption XD Fuckin hilarious!

  12. @realofficaluzumaki Dawnbreaker isnt that great due to the fct that it cant be smithed to Legendary and its explosive enchantment hurts Serena.
    Get a Silver sword and enchant it with fire.
    Silver swords are basically steel swords that do double damage to undead (ex. Vampires).
    The fire enchantment will further the damage to vampires.

  13. Damnit skyrim, this just like the civil war questline!

  14. what is the glitch?

  15. 5th like 🙂

  16. U are absolutely awesome m8 i love u vids and still aching to get this myself (if u dont remember i have ps3)

  17. When will the next one be up?

  18. Just defeated harken and got auriel’s bow very good dlc and met a snow elf

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