Let’s Play Skyrim: Dawnguard – Part 5 – Moth Priest
Let’s Play Skyrim: Dawnguard – Part 5 – Moth Priest

This is the 5th part of my Dawnguard playthrough. Let’s Play Dawnguard Playlist: www.youtube.com Check out my channel: www.youtube.com skyrim dawnguard xbox 360 bethesda softworks developer microsoft addon add on downloadable content dlc gameplay commentary lets play vampire hunter dragonborn crossbow underworld realm mounted combat update pc ps3 playthrough walkthrough achievement guide

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  1. for people that are stuck when the moth priest is reading the scroll DO THIS WAIT FOR HIM TO GET STUCK (it will say person is busy)THEN HIT HIM ONCE!! AND YOUR DONE IT WILL WORK TRY IT

  2. I got a spell as imperial that calms people down so that worked for me just to get the quest when the spell stop working he attack XD The only problem now is that he attack everyone at fort dawnguard 24/7 pretty enoying and its a lot of stuff everywhere like the dinner room is messed up XD plates and stuff all over the room pretty enoying but ye XD

  3. I have a Glitch too, ive heard many people complain about the moth priest being hostile when you enter the keep, but it seems no one has got mine. When i walk in to the keep he is friendly, and when i ask him to read the scroll he reads it, but the animations doesn’t play out right. He just stands there talking while holding it in 1 hand. and after he is done i can’t proceed. He just stands there looking like an idiot and the quest wont complete. Please if anyone know how to fix this please help

  4. At 7:50 the Moth priest is friendly well for some reason on my game (may be bugged) he is hostile and when i enter the keep the dawnguard kill him and he just crouches there and wont get back up, i can talk to him and he will read the scroll but it wont registermas completed. Any help with this bug would be greatly appreciated ive tried everything and looked it up but found nothing any answers would be greatly appreciated…

  5. how do you get the key if the guy that has it is in the barrier?

  6. Thumbs up if you say the Dragon at 16:00

  7. That’s because they are both voiced by the same person, laura bailey.

  8. „whos there….done and done“

  9. Help out the other 2 people at dawnguard (guy and girl)

  10. Get a husky in the dawn guard fort. Or an armored troll.

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