★ Final Fantasy XIII-2 English Walkthrough – Requiem of The Goddess DLC Japanese Trailer!
★ Final Fantasy XIII-2 English Walkthrough – Requiem of The Goddess DLC Japanese Trailer!

I really have got to get back to this Walkthrough! Caution as this may contain major spoilers! The new Lightning Requiem of the Goddess DLC releases in Japan today that details the fight between Lightning and Caius and if you clear the story you will acquire this newer Lightning for your…

  1. the lvls that you can get 5 stars: lvl 0,4-9. reason why lvl 1-3 dont work: because to get 5 stars require you to banish chaos bahamut as the battle ends with caius disappearing.

  2. only in japan.

  3. They have the silliest Paradigm names ever… Defense Knight? Blast Wizard?? xD

  4. When is this going to be released in North America, anyone know?

  5. man Caius is such a dick

  6. Yeah I know. I was also lvl 8 🙂 with lvl 10 you can kill both with just paladin haha…

  7. ok I made it, I get the five stars at lvl 5 and I defeated Chaos until lvl 8, i was going to beat him at lvl 7 but he killed me just at the last moment. Nice now I have Lightning Com wujuuu

  8. it came out for us the 14th

  9. great music

  10. You have to beat him within a certain time limit. You can approximate your time when the score screen comes up. If you’re not close to 5 stars, you’re way too slow.

    It’s doable at Level 3, and it’s a joke at Level 5.

  11. i don’t understand this, I lost 3 battles against caius, I level up to lvl 2 and then I beat him after 21min, then a cutscene appears and I’m fighting against with Caius but now on lvl 3. What I’m I suppose to do? beat him 3, 4 times?, the bastard is very resistant, not difficult once you find a strategy but still very resistant, and I dont want to be the next 2 hours beating him

  12. /just now/??

  13. I have to agree with you chronenik. This sandwich guy is a complete FAIL idiot.

  14. Your funny what makes you a better person when you say „bitch“ lol you fail lol a good book doesnt need 100 more pages to read, a good movie doesnt need to be 100 more hours, hanging out with friends doesnt need to be 100 more hours to have a great experience, a good Avengers movie doesnt need to be 100 more hours to enjoy, a good workout at the gym doesnt need to be 100 more hours, school doesnt need to be 100 more hours and a good game doesnt need to be more than 100 hours. lol you fail idoit

  15. no i was saying that it is confirmed that the DLC’s are over, light and snows conclude the DLC(and confirmed FF13-3)

  16. Where have they confirmed that? I’m not doubting you, but last I heard, the Lightning and Snow ones were the last DLC’s they were making.

  17. Legion of One… Pure epicness

  18. Yep I cant believe you idiots are still playing it. It doesn’t even expand it. What?…for ten minutes max? If it expanded the game 100 more hours then it would make a hell of a lot more sense. But guess what…it doesn’t. So you fail. And a War game?…bitch please those games are SHIT.

  19. Oh calm down, sheesh. Square is a company who’s goal is to make money, if you don’t like it then don’t buy their games or any of their DLC. But fwiw like someone below me has already stated the game was done before any of this DLC was designed, which is why it comes out in stages instead of all at the same time. If like me you paid close to $60 for the game what’s another 5 bucks? That’s less then a meal at Taco Bell for God’s sake.

  20. she has got good butt. Just realized now

  21. yah i agree with you there, yah i know it costs money to develope this but for fucks sakes square you sold 2 million + copies of this game, i think there is enough room for a small sacrifice

    more forgivable if they are putting this money towards 13-3, which is was more acceptable

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