Skylanders Giants Alchemist on screen demo preview video.MOV
Skylanders Giants Alchemist on screen demo preview video.MOV

An on-screen game demo of Alchemist character in the forthcoming Skylanders Giants video game from Activision (Fall 2012). The video was taken at the Skylanders Giants launch party at a pre-Toy Fair event in NYC. More coverage of Skylanders and other video games at

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  1. This was before that trailer came out.

  2. He is called pop fizz. Watch gameplay

  3. He’s not called alchemist he’s called pop fizz watch the skylander giants tall tales trailer and you’ll believe me!

  4. Did You Know?: Activision changed his name to Pop Fizz.

  5. No, Alchemist is completely a giant gremlin with blue fur.
    Trolls aren’t the only creatures that can chuck explosives around.

  6. @happyfeet123591 no u have to use the old portal of power

  7. Portal of power COOL

  8. Is the game gonna have another portal of power?

  9. Alchemist is a troll like boomer but has blue fur like trigger happy( gremlin)

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    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    If you see them, show them this information:

  11. looks like boomer to me……

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