Tall Tales Trailer: Official Skylanders Giants
Tall Tales Trailer: Official Skylanders Giants

Start an all new adventure this fall with Skylanders Giants, the sequel to the hit Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure! Thousands of years ago, the Giants fought epic battles in Skylands but were banished to Earth. With a new threat looming, it’s time to bring them back to join forces with the Skylanders. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power® to unleash their strength in the ultimate battle to save Skylands. Learn more! www.skylanders.com Also, make sure to follow www.twitter.com as well as www.facebook.com for all of the latest Skylanders news.

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  1. I’m the background at the end (if you pause) you can see like twenty new toys, including what looks to be a buffer Spyro (just off-center to the right) and a pure white dragon (far left). I’m so excited!

  2. sonic boom and jet vac should get maried

  3. i bet that soda is acid!!!

  4. Corretion 1:34 is when the bird lays the egg

  5. 1:43 the falcon dude laid an egg

  6. HIGH 5!! uh bad idea…. Smash!! Terrafin statis : dead

  7. The dark lightning when you stop on 1:46

  8. cant wait

  9. Is this going to be a 3DS game?

  10. if you pause the video at 2:07 you can see 3 giants in the backround one with a hammer a bug guy and a giant shark (if the shark one is right im using terrafin with him)

  11. on amazon the release date says 31st December 2012

  12. Subskrybujcie kanał bilet124

  13. Does any notice that jet vac lays a egg=-O ewwww

  14. at 1:28 the tree guy says do you beleve that unicorns are reel then what is wurlwind then

  15. wow 40 new charatcers and 2 giants and… wait kaos is back I thought he was banish to earth

  16. I like this

  17. Was that really a rumor? Because I vaguely recall reading an interview with them in which they said that the first Skylanders was a spin-off from the Spyro series and, if it sold enough, they would make an actual Spyro game. Then again, they also said that they had plans for a sequel if the game sold enough, so I don’t really know.

  18. jet vac sounds scotish

  19. there bigger there badder there what?

  20. l0l0l0l look at eruptor near the end

  21. Pop-Fizz! :D

  22. *spyro

  23. poor skyro

  24. You can’t unhear it, but it’s funny. :P

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