Zero Vlog – Devil May Cry HD Collection Unboxing (Xbox 360)
Zero Vlog – Devil May Cry HD Collection Unboxing (Xbox 360)

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  2. Good point. Thats the problem with the fans. They keep forgetting that the GAME is where the story is told so they convince themselves that they can either run to a novel or manga to dive deeper when those are just spinoffs never really accepted by the company’s official timeline most of the time. This is why capcom wants to just start over. DMC became a hot mess. I’m glad theres a reboot to rid the series of all the random tacked on stories.

  3. Devil May Cry 2 sucked dick because it took away the solid aspects of what made DMC1 so amazing. It lacked the humor and sarcastic side of Dante, the gameplay was slightly altered with power orbs, the enemies were repetitive at times, the bosses were shitty, the the feeling and atmosphere was entirely different to the first.
    By itself, it may have been a decent game but not a sequel to a very successful game called DMC1. Majority of the fans will say DMC2 is the worst in the series.

  4. i always thought that discussion about nero being vergils son was retarded. It was like all the final fantasy 7 fanboys that talk that Cloud was a sephiroth clone though failed because the FF7 Ultimania Omega Guide hinted it as did in the game with Hojo. But Crisis Core proved that theory incorrect too.

  5. Right now the Nero being Virgils son discussion is only being had between fanboys on forums that read the novel and feel he MIGHT be his son. Its loose opinionated talk. Until its confirmed from Capcom its not fact.

  6. First off your comments show your ignorance. Second the dmc series is being rebooted that means ALL stories previously written are null and void. Third traditionally videogames do NOT connect with manga or move spinoffs (and reverse) which is why they are called spinoffs. This has been the case for ages. Lastly its NOT confirmed that Nero is Virgils son. This information comes from the novel that only HINTED at the idea. Capcom has nOT commented on this. They ARE abandoning the old story.

  7. im glad they are rebooting the series because it has a shitty story moron! Not because i didnt understand it! DMC 1, 2, 4 all have shit stories because the story was never its main focus. GAMEPLAY is! Dantes character was never explored outside of 3! The anime is filler garbage and the 4th game is filler garbage same thing with 2! The only game with a decent story was 3! You dont know more than anyone here kid. Your just an idiot fan fiction dick sucker. Now do yourself a favor and leave.

  8. ??? I dont watch anime??? LOL!!! 

  9. And if you don’t watch anime it’s ok i get it you don’t like it. But it is part of the story and am guessing you didn’t know that vergil has a manga also huh. But i guess since you are an idiot who can’t even get there fact straight. Am guessing am happy that they are rebooting because people like you who say ” oh if it’s not in the game it doesn’t make sense, even if the people who created it said it’s part of the story. it Still doesn’t make sense”. Like whatever i know more then you Kid.

  10. its not connected in anyway you moron! Look at lady and trishs character!!!! You are a loser fanboy that does thinks the anime is connected to the main story of dmc! NO ONE!!! NO ONE confirmed that nero is vergils son! You fucking moron. speculating is NOT fact you idiot! you read that! ITS NOT!!! Call me names all you want and i will tell you the truth as i want! I guess not accepting the truth causes you to be a racist. I guess you think trish is dantes wife LOL!!!

  11. Well, I pretty much entirely disregarded everything you just said there because it’s 100% obvious that you don’t know what asphyxiate means. It has nothing to do with incest, you fucking dweeb. Please check the dictionary for big words that you don’t comprehend before you make yourself look like even more of a jackass.

  12. Wow i did not know you trailertrash people are really into incest lol get the fuck away from me lol. Kid just get off of youtube. Better yet do some research you might wanna check before you even come bitching to me.

  13. It’s alright, you don’t have to be ashamed of your passion for fan fiction. No one’s judging you for it, just try to understand that you might wake up one night with your mother attempting to asphyxiate you.

  14. Lol what color is he dude like please tell me like surely he ain’t gonna be Gringo (white) you fucking moron. And the phrase is getting old mother’s baesment like jesus haven’t heard that in years lol. Fan fiction clearly people like you can’t take the fucking truth. People if you can’t take the truth and do some research for yourself then you have got to be a real blind person. in order for the truth to come out you must seek it. But whatever people are fucking ignorent.

  15. He’s not black, you fucking idiot. Go back to your mother’s basement writing your DMC fan fiction, homo.

  16. dude if its not in the game its not part of the story. That’s like saying nathan drake is related to sully in uncharted because it was “allegedly” confirmed by an employee. Calling you an idiot is the right thing to do because you are an idiot. Going by information that was not in the games story. Very little views? Are you talking about your channel? Mr 10 subs lol

  17. Will to tell you the truth maybe you should do some research. It actually says the Devil May Cry 4 novel contains “hints” that Nero is Vergil’s son, and this claim has allegedly been confirmed at “Captivate 2009″ by one of the Capcom employees who worked on the game’s localization. You should read the novel instead just following only the games. I have read and it really does give more info. Calling me an idiot shows people how you’re not really talented, very little views in every video lol.

  18. Actually, It’s spectated that Nero is his son even though their’s no solid proof other than he’s a descendent of Sparda and Sparda only has two sons and i doubt Nero is Dante’s son. Either way, It could be or could not be.

  19. vergils son LOL!!! where did you get that from? fan fiction? Nero was in one game and one game only and no where in the game shows or states that it is vergils son. your not a true fan your a true idiot

  20. Of course you would love kfc because your black lmao. And to tell you the truth you don’t seem like a type of person who would like DMC 2. Because it has that dark Gothic feeling to it. Am not always about gameplay. It’s a really good game if you were really into that kind of stuff. And part 4 was still fucking good like dante looks cooler. Nero is the son of vergil and yes it has been confirmed. And i love the shit out of all the games why because am true fucking fan. So fuck off nigga.

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