Musing Of A Mad Hatter: Passionate Hatred
Musing Of A Mad Hatter: Passionate Hatred

I’m what you would call a modern gamer. I did, in fact, grow up playing NES games on one of those old shameless rip-off Golden China consoles and I somehow had a Sega Megadrive. I was playing Sonic the Hedgehog for months at a time (Hey, you probably sucked too when you were 6 years old) and the ridiculously difficult Comix Zone that I thought was impossible to beat. But I did. And man did it feel good. Since early on in my life I was hooked on gaming, from the moment I was introduced to it. I would never have imagined it would grow as vastly as it did.

We, as gamers, all have our own forms of gaming passion. Be it playing a single game’s multiplayer for months on end and taking part in tournaments to see who is the best or the RPG player who plays a game for hundreds of hours just to unlock all the secrets or explore everything. I’m one of the latter. If a single-player game has me engrossed then I stay that way until I fully complete it. I get copious amounts of satisfaction if I complete a game on its hardest difficulty or doing things many people would never imagine doing in their lives.

I feel now that I have to discuss something that has been eating at me for weeks. Haters. As we all know they are everywhere. Mention a single thing good about a game and they would come at you like the fucking plague and not stop until you have submitted to their will. What happened to their passion of games that they feel the need to blatantly express how they dislike the game and damn you if you think otherwise. Sometimes everything backfires and they get called out for being nit-picky or don’t really have that much knowledge about the game in the first place. Their reply would always be: “I was just expressing my opinion.” Which brings me to my next point.

Having an opinion about a game is all well and good, but sometimes you just have to question the validity of that opinion. Let’s look at an example. If you say: “Kingdoms of Amalur was a great game, but I think the story was a bit bland for my tastes,” then that’s a perfectly valid opinion, but if you say: “The Witcher 2 is too difficult for me even on Easy difficulty, I’m going to trade it in first thing in the morning. My (iron) sword doesn’t do anything against the monsters and I’m pissed off. This game sucks!”, then you seriously need to question yourself.

They will still say: “Well everyone has an opinion why can’t I?”, but if I say: “Oh, in my opinion I think that Hitler was right and we should kill all the Jews,” wouldn’t I be lynched for that? These haters become so engaged into looking for every single minute fault in a game that I think that they have missed the whole point of it. To have fun. What would happen to me if I logged on every morning to various forums and my only objective for the day would be to spread my discord for a game? I would start to lose touch with the things that make gaming great.

These people need to wake up and smell the daisies. Just play a game and at least try and enjoy it. That quote I gave about The Witcher 2 is an actual quote I saw on a forum. Now that person is missing out on one massive experience filled with adventure just because they were too stupid or impatient to craft a silver sword. It’s sad and pitiful.

These haters are the cancer of the gaming industry. A multitude of gamers would read something, agree with what was said and leave. Haters would keep coming back to voice their opinion and try their damn hardest to change someone’s mind about it. If someone enjoyed the game then they enjoyed it. End of story. No multitude of 1,000-word comments and “expertly crafted” renditions about story points would change a person’s mind, but why do they insist on going on and on for hours? I seriously don’t know.

Recently it was made abundantly clear to me that sometimes you have to be upset with something in order to change it. That’s true, but you shouldn’t let it spoil everything for you. If you allow a 5 minute scene to spoil your 40 hour experience where you specifically said you like it, then you’re only hurting yourself. Voice your opinion, sure, but don’t say a game is suddenly complete shit because you’re so focused on being unhappy about something.

Haters need to come back to the world of gaming where we actually want to have fun. Not meaninglessly rant on for hours about a gun that wasn’t invented in a game’s timeline or a trailer where a white dude was killing black zombies and call it racist for DAYS. I make it abundantly clear that I am passionate about gaming and I would love that these sour apples be picked off from this ever expanding tree.

To the lovers of gaming, keep on keeping on. Don’t let anyone spoil your fun.

To the haters. Stop for a few seconds and look at what you’re doing. You’re essentially killing gaming yourself. Help us all out and just stop. Go play one of the 3 games you actually like and just get in touch with your inner gamer. It would only benefit everyone.


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