Max Payne 3 – Design and Technology Series: Visual Effects and Cinematics
Max Payne 3 – Design and Technology Series: Visual Effects and Cinematics

Spend a few minutes learning about the visual effects and cinematics involved in creating the immersive experience that is Max Payne 3. See more Max Payne 3 media at GameTrailers:


    Seriously, NOT hating! Max Payne is one of my most favorite series. 10 times better than another Call Of Shitty game!

  2. have you played uncharted? alright go play it then watch this video again. try to see how many similarities you can find. also i didnt mean it literally that they took notes from naughty dog. its called sarcasm.

  3. is just amazing :0

  4. Pretty much. All games should be like The Witcher 2. Made for PC first then tone down the graphics for console.

  5. no thats wrong, games thats only made for PC have never been made to take full advantage of the latest hardware since that would restrict alot of people from playing those games like I said below, they have to make sure the games run on a lesser demanding system so they get sales for their games, not everyone has a high end gaming PC

  6. not everyone has the same PC specs so they can never make a PC game that takes full advantage of the latest graphics and processing power, otherwise PC devs would only make a fraction of the sales they do compaired to if they make the game run on a lesser demanding system, consoles on the other hand which have 1st party publishers they can program a console to the metal since all for example PS3 hardware is the same. Not everyone has DX11 compatible graphics cards in their PC’s :/

  7. so basically, all games are made console right? becuase if they were made for pc first then the consoles couldnt take it. so basically pc’s constantly upgrade with graphics will you have to continually stay under the amount the console can take, am i right? i got the picture?

  8. No comics? Fuck…

  9. A PC can do more graphically than consoles because the hardware is more modern. A console port would be the game made for console then put onto PC without any improvements. While the PC version should have better textures, better effects, 3D, multi monitor support and Physx etc.

    Put Tessellation and click the first video it shows you what DX11 and Tessellation does.

  10. was does not having a console port mean? so basically your saying you dont need a graphics card? or you just need dx11 to play?

  11. thats a good thing, cause what im looking at in this video looks horrible (the resolution) im guessing this is from the console version.

  12. Rockstar already said Max Payne on PC won’t be a console port. It will have DX11 and use Tessellation.

  13. The narrator is the same one from Mass Effect that reads the codex entries 😉

  14. If anything naughty dog took notes from Rockstar!

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