Fifa 12 | Freekick Tutorial | 16m-28m | IN-DEPTH!!! | HD
Fifa 12 | Freekick Tutorial | 16m-28m | IN-DEPTH!!! | HD

READ ON PLEASE: Hey guys, this THE FIRST PART of my Freekick Tutorial(s). Here you can find out how to score freekicks around the box. I explain my technique and show you how to score freekicks in Fifa 12… ————————————————————————————– Please SUBSCRIBE me for more, i will tons of tutorials in the future..:) ————————————————————————————– Please LIKE and FAVOURITE this video..:) I helped you out and now it’s time to return the favour, so please spread the video around! 🙂 ————————————————————————————– AND a very big thanks to ViporHD for the controller animations.. show him some love and help him re-build his channel: ————————————————————————————– BIG THANKS TO MY AWESOME SUBS !!!

  1. I really like your vidéos because they are very helpful and Ur German Accent is really funny 🙂

  2. There you have a Sexy Goal *German Accent*  – That was Money haha

  3. nicht bei allen.. aber bei wirklich vielen 😀 nen halbes jahr in england oder amerika lässt dich des eig so ziemlich ablegen

  4. warum nicht deutsch??
    Wenn deutsche versuchen provessionell englisch zu reden, hört sich das so extrem abgelesen oder gefälscht an ^^ (bei mir genau so)

  5. he did write everytime with which percentage u have to shoot

  6. why don’t you explain how powerful to make the shot?

  7. On X360 R1 button is RB.

  8. he’s richtofen from call of duty 5.

  9. @henkarars press the select button when your in the arena 🙂

  10. HOW do you train like this as Pro player in the arena? With defenders at th egoalkeeper???

  11. sounds french if you ask me

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