Armored Core V – Doomsday Trailer
Armored Core V – Doomsday Trailer

Arm yourself to the core as doomsday has arrived. See more Armored Core V media on GameTrailers:

  1. isnt this the same music as in the borderlands 2 video?

  2. plus im a armored core fan so i got these on the ps1..

    In meh day we used paper bags then condoms!

  3. how dare u 😛 well when they release ps4 then ya fuck sony 😛

  4. fuck sony and their ps3

  5. buy a damn ps3!

  6. isn’t this the same song that the borderlands 2 trailer has?

  7. On a SDK basicly on a virtual machine that mimic the machine and beside the pc would need at least 2 versions one for unicode and one for jpn

  8. Developing another version? All games are built on a pc and played on a pc before they even choose a platform for the game. you give armored core to the pc community and we will mod the hell out of that game.

  9. Its Bloddy amored core im sorry but u really need a controler to play it i would be a mess on a keyboard and besides they dont sell a lot cause its very complex so they dont want to spend more money developing another version

  10. well mech games usually suck balls since the story is half assed and the gameplay is amess but this title might have potential!!!

  11. Best trailer ever

  12. Nero is getting into everything these days… he did the soundtrack for the Syndicate trailer as

  13. Nero – Doomsday

  14. omg love that music

  15. We care Dumb

  16. Someone find out wat the song is called

  17. I forget dis song name, its somewhere in my favs, whats it called?

  18. NOT for the PC? Screw this shit

  19. I’ve always loved the AC series. Hope this one is just as awesome or better than the previous ones. Looks crazy so far!

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