★Top 5 Emblems★ – || Ep. 19 || CoD: Black Ops
★Top 5 Emblems★ – || Ep. 19 || CoD: Black Ops

Give it a Like! 😀 || -: SUBMISSION INFORMATION :-|| To submit your emblem choose any of the following : Message me on Xbox LIVE – GT: Twit Twit Tweet me – www.Twitter.com OR If you have a recording Device, record it and upload it to filefront.com or Dropbox and email it to – xTwit.Twitx@Yahoo.com *** PLEASE REMEMBER *** [[ IF YOU WANT ME TO LOOK AT THE EMBELM ]] Please be sure to title the message “ EMBLEM “ and have a brief description of what your emblem is. ( XboxLIVE & Email ) ___________________________________________________________ Follow me on Twitter! – www.Twitter.com Add me on Facebook! – www.facebook.com Like me on Facebook! – www.facebook.com **|| Be sure to check out some recent videos too! ||** Suitcase Flip Trickshot LIVE Comm – www.youtube.com Why i Rage so Easy – www.youtube.com 16-4 Marathong Sniping – www.youtube.com Top 5 Emblems Ep. 17 – www.youtube.com

  1. I think he spelled dumbass correctly… But he did get „you’re“ wrong. So you’re both dumbasses.

  2. 2 was better the 1

  3. number 2 was hacket had 15 on it

  4. Wtf 2nd place cant have that skull yet they get it at 14th prestige n his lower .

  5. i gave my friend my emblem he was 15th and he gave me it back with the skull because it looked way better with that instead of the other things i tried

  6. Number 2 totally hacked or copter cuz tht skull ain’t unlockable till 14 prestige n he 6 or 7 I dnt remember but it cool

  7. @Twitification I really thought #2 was better in my opinion than #1. I’m just saying it’s my opinion not that you made a mistake

  8. Number two was the best by far

  9. do you have xbox 360

  10. 2 more things, can I add you on xbox and look at my emblem, my GT is XxLiam423xX

  11. Oh and I also subscribed 😀

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