Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 22 Apr – 28 Apr
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 22 Apr – 28 Apr

Facebook is not only a way to connect with friends, it’s also a medium to learn new things. For example, a 9gag image showed what the colour blue really means and why Microsoft used it for the Bluescreen of Death. And then we talk about Superman, amongst other things.

Strange, right?


5 — Kony 2012 Troll

We’re not getting into the whole Kony 2012 issue. Instead, we’ll just leave this here.

Link to thread.

4 — Superman Problems

Even Superman has hearing problems, sometimes.

Link to thread.

3 — Panda Dog

All it needs is a bath. And some JIK. Other than that — it’s amazing.

Link to thread.

2 — Nap time

This is exactly what I want, right now. Nap time, all the time.

1 — The Truth About Blue

Why everything is blue, except us.

Link to thread.


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