The Witcher 2 Dev Speaks Next-Gen — Wants ‘Real-Life Animations’
The Witcher 2 Dev Speaks Next-Gen — Wants ‘Real-Life Animations’

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings: Enhanced Edition — wow that’s a mouthful — is just a week away from making its debut on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and CD Projekt lead level artist Marek Ziemak has once again stepped up to talk about future hopes, specifically the prospects of the next generation of consoles.

Now this isn’t the first time he’s had such a conversation after previously stating that next-gen wasn’t all about graphical horsepower, but this time around he’s opted to simply state what he is personally looking forward to from the Xbox 720 and PlayStation Orbis 4, and that is the artistic freedom that the leap in visual fidelity will bring.

“Sure, I’m a level artist so for me, it’s all about the visual quality,” he said. “I want more creative freedom and more great graphics, that’s what really makes me want to create games.”

Not entirely surprising coming from a developer with a primary focus on impressive visuals in a game, but certainly this isn’t the same as the photo-realism that this generation of consoles strove for at the loss of animation quality and geometry.

“I’m looking for like real-life animations. It’s like pushing the limit again and again, creating bigger and greater stuff,” he continued. “I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I want to see this, these great graphics being there on the screen.”

Looking at The Witcher 2, one cannot help but feel excited at the prospect.

“I hope its time comes soon and we won’t have to fight about pixels on the screen but worry more about delivering a true experience, the real emotion we can deliver through the game.”

Here’s hoping.

What do you think? Will the emphasis on visuals return once the next generation of consoles is released, or will the deviation remain, allowing for some artistic expression instead?


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